Guys in Bikini Swimsuits: Lochte, Phelps, Male Beauty Pageant Contestants

Guys in Bikini Swimsuits: Lochte, Phelps, Male Beauty Pageant Contestants. Time for another post on men wearing bikini swimsuits, don’t you think? It’s an Olympic year so its not hard to find swimsuit-wearing hunks like American sports hero Michael Phelps.

The bong-hitting dude continues to cash in on his enormous popularity by appearing in an ad for Louis Vuitton. Are we the only ones surprised to find out that the high-end designer label makes swimwear?

guys in bikini swimsuits michael phelps louis vuitton

Here’s a male model in a skimpy bikini from the label’s Spring/Summer 2005 menswear collection.

guys in bikini swimsuits louis vuitton

Anyhoo, Phelps is not the only Olympic champ who’s getting photographed in his bikini swimsuit these days. His chief American rival, Ryan Lochte, also continues to bask in his Olympic afterglow by appearing in the TV youth soap, 90210, and by partying with girls, girls, and girls in Las Vegas.

guys in bikini swimsuits ryan lochte

Rumor has it that our Ryan is the next Bachelor on ABC and we’re hoping that the rumor turns out to be true because we think he’s a good fit for the show. A guy with a hot body who seem to have a great sense of fun, what’s not to like? Come on, ABC producers, get Ryan already.

While waiting for ABC to do the right thing by casting our swimming hunk as The Bachelor, you might want to check out our previous post about him: Ryan Lochte in Calvin Klein Underwear and Speedo Trunks.

Of course, swimmers ain’t the only one’s who love them their bikini swimsuits. Here are other bikini-wearing dudes we gathered from the 1001 male beauty pageants around the world where men wearing bikinis is the norm.

Mr. Brazil Jonas Sulzbach.

guys in bikini swimsuits mister brazil

Erick Sabater from the Dominican Republic who was crowned recently as Mr. Universe Model 2012. Congratulations to you, Erick.

guys in bikini swimsuits mr universe model

Nelson Gutiérrez of Bolivia landed in 4th place in the Mr. Universe Model competition in 2011.

guys in bikini swimsuits mens beauty pageant

For his part, Mr. China Chen Jian Feng bested other hunks from the rest of the world to win Mr. Manhunt International 2011.

chinese guys in bikini swimsuits

Who will be Mr. Manhunt International 2012 which is scheduled in Thailand this coming November? We’re placing our bets on Mr. Lebabon Elie Najem.

guys in bikini swimsuits manhunt international

Want more male beauty pageant hotties?

Guys in Bikini Swimsuits: Lochte, Phelps, Male Beauty Pageant Contestants. Posted 18 August 2012.