Guy Berryman Shirtless Photos: Does Coldplay Hottie Have A Girlfriend?

Guy Berryman Shirtless Photos, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend? So, we came across the photo below when we were doing our earlier post on those Made in Chelsea guys and we thought, “Who is that sexy hottie? And what is he doing shirtless in a car? Is he drunk? Did someone pull off his shirt? Does he have a girlfriend? Why haven’t we seen His Sexy Gorgeousness before?”

Coldplay Bassist Guy Berryman Shirtless

Turns out that the guy is Guy Berryman. He is from Scotland (Want more Scottish hunks? Check out these Scottish Male Models). He is the bassist of the British rock band Coldplay. We’ve heard of the band, of course, but we are not really familiar with its work or its members. But we do know that one of its members is dating (or married to) Gwyneth Paltrow.

So does Guy have a girlfriend? According to his wikipedia page, he was married to a certain Joanna Briston with whom he has a kid. The two divorced in 2007. Other girls reported (rumored) to have been in a relationship with our handsome rockers include actress Helena Christensen (according to, a model named Keshia Gerrits, and Lindsay Lohan who reportedly pursued (“following him around all weekend”) Berryman during the 2011 Lollapalooza in Chicago. [Update: In February 2014, Guy proposed and got engaged to Keshia Gerrits. No word yet on their wedding.]

Currently, it does not appear like our Guy is in a relationship which is probably why his bandmate Chris Martin (Gwyneth’s husband) does not mind pimping him out to raise £1 million for charity. From

Coldplay’s Chris Martin plans to pimp out bassist Guy Berryman to make £1 million for charity. This week the ‘Paradise’ group auctioned off three original pieces of the artwork, created by British artist Paris, which featured on their latest album ‘Mylo Xyloto’ in aid of Kid Company – a charity who help vulnerable inner-city children.

However, Chris Martin has said the band have more chance of making a million pounds for the charity by auctioning off a romantic evening with Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman. “A date with our bass player would be worth a million or more, specifically a night with our bass player,” Martin told The Sun.

Want More Guy Berryman Shirtless Photos? Question to you Famewatchers: If you are super rich and have £1 million to spare, would you spend that money for a night with this hottie?

guy berryman sexy wet

If the money goes to charity like, say, prevent malaria infection in Africa why not, no? However, those of us who don’t have the money will have to content ourselves with just appreciating His Sexy Gorgeousness by ogling at his shirtless photos.

guy berryman shirtless sexy hunk

Oh wait, he doesn’t have a lot of shirtless pics!!! But there are Coldplay Superfans out there who are photoshopping his photos to come up with things like these fake Guy Berryman shirtless photos:

Guy Berryman fake shirtless

Obviously, we had to crop out the “scandalous” parts. Hehe.

guy berryman shirtless - photoshopped

Guy Berryman Underwear: Boxers or Briefs? Look who’s wearing a tight pair of Calvin Klein briefs? It’s a fake Berryman! The original body, as you can see, is Swedish football star turned male supermodel Fredrik Ljungberg.

guy berryman underwear boxers or briefs - fredrik ljungberg

For reals, does Guy wear boxers or briefs? We don’t know! But we do know that he wears a brand called Moods of Norway.

guy berryman underwear

We also know that he is always fashionable…

guy berryman fashion

… wears appropriately tight shirt…

guy berryman tight sexy shirt

… and sometimes opt for something like this which makes our friend Kevin go, “Hmmmm. Is he or isn’t he gay?”

guy berryman is so gay

Our friends at has the answer for Kevin:

gay-o-meter/gaydar for Guy Berryman: According to 362 visitors Guy Berryman is 51% gay. However, the average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Guy Berryman is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.

There you go Kevin. You have your answer!

Updated 21 December 2016. Originally posted 16 October 2013.