Gucci Leather Jackets for Men: Bomber, Biker, Fabulous

Gucci Leather Jackets for Men: Bomber or Biker? Fall/Winter or Spring/Summer. Want to buy a Gucci leather jacket but you don’t know how much money you should budget for it? We hope this post will give you an idea. If you are dying to get yourself the Gucci asymmetrical biker leather below, you should earmark US$6,500 for it. Pretty expensive but not as scandalously expensive as the ridiculous Rick Owens kangaroo/alligator leather jacket we blogged about last October. See the Most Expensive Men’s Leather Jacket.

gucci biker leather jacket - zip assymetrical - 6500us

By the way, the price quoted above and the rest of this post is from the website. If you want a Gucci leather jacket that is cheaper than the US$6,500 above, you might want to check out the black leather and nylon jacket below which sells for US$3,500. [We said cheaper not cheap. Hehe.]

gucci black leather and nylon jacket 3500 us

And this brick red bomber leather jacket, how much is it? You can have it for US$4,500, baby!

gucci brick red bomber leather jacket - 4500usd

This Gucci brown leather bomber leather jacket is pricier at US$4,900.

gucci brown leather bomber jacet -4900usd

For other leather jackets for men from Gucci, here’s a fabulous one from the Italian fashion house’s Fall Winter advertising campaign.

gucci mens leather jacket 2014 - fall winter 13-14 - male model adrien sahores

For those of you wondering, the pouty (and admittedly very kissable) male model who is headlining Gucci’s current Fall/Winter campaign is no other than our imaginary French model boyfriend, Adrien Sahores.

gucci leather jacket and coats for men - seen on male model adrien sahores

According to, our Adrien is one of the best male models in the world and has ranked him as #12 in their list of the Top 50 Male Models. Yay for our beau!

gucci leather jacket for men fall winter 2013-2014

Meanwhile, check out this fabulous Gucci leather jacket from its Fall/Winter 2013-2014 fashion show in Milan.

gucci leather jacket fall winter 2013-2014 runway collection - milan

What? You already have a leather jacket for this winter and would rather buy something for the coming spring/summer season? Well, then go check out this leather outfit from the Gucci Spring/Summer 2014 collection. It’s as fab as the others for sure.

gucci leather jacket spring summer 2014 - menswear collection

So fellow LeatherWatchers, which of the above leather jackets is your choice to add to your closet?