Ladies Gucci Leather Jacket For Mary Kate Olsen

Ladies Gucci Leather Jacket For Mary Kate Olsen. Mary Kate Olsen in Gucci black leather jacket for her Nylon Magazine covershoot. The plaid outfit is interesting but she’s, well….

Anyhoo, here’s the latest on Mary Kate for those of you who are into famewatching her: Mary Kate and twin sister Ashley are reportedly expanding their fashion empire via their Olsenboye for teens. Here’s an interview of the twins from usatoday:

Q: How do you see the Olsenboye line evolving?
Ashley: We’re just excited to see what people are going to gravitate to first from a design perspective.
Mary-Kate: We would love it to be a lifestyle brand. That’s something Ashley and I love doing: building brands.
Ashley: We’re offering a design contest. (Girls) can send in sketches to And we’ll go through them.

Q: What’s your average workday like?
Ashley: We go to work every day.
Mary-Kate: We are at the office (in Manhattan) all day. We’ll be dealing with design or getting on the phone with partners.
Ashley: Usually everything happens from 9 a.m. until sometimes 10 at night.
Mary-Kate: We will go from a Row design meeting to, like, tomorrow is design, Elizabeth and James, production and fittings. We’re at the office. I just got my schedule five minutes ago. It comes the night before.

Q: People assume you guys have 20 assistants to do this stuff.
Ashley: Oh no. Our office here is 15 people and three brands.
Mary-Kate: Everyone wears a lot of hats.
Ashley: We have great partners and these great brands, but we really like to function in this very intimate environment. It’s really hands-on and it’s really organic. With the website, we have our friends doing it.

Q: So every last detail has to be approved by you?
Mary-Kate: There’s not one thing, not one e-mail, that isn’t run by us. I think it’s also that Ashley and my relationship is so close that we’re able to have that strength and get through it together.
Ashley: The only thing we really learned from our past, the only way we can really and truly be happy doing what we’re doing is just doing it with the integrity that we have for the product that we sell and the people that we are.

Q: Do each of you have a specific aspect of fashion you particularly love?
Ashley: I think we both find interest in the same things. We love fabric. We love fit. We love colors.

Q: Is there one fashion item or trend you want to see retired for good?
Mary-Kate: Never say never. I really think that. But I’m so crazy. I can look at something right now and say one thing about it. I’ll go home, not be able to sleep, and have a completely different perspective in the morning.
Ashley: Fashion depends on the person. If you’re comfortable in it and feel good in it, that’s what people notice. For me, I just love beautiful things.

Who has the bigger closet?
Mary-Kate: I just got rid of everything. I gave it all to charity. I went crazy and gave everything away.
Ashley: It’s that time of the year.
Mary-Kate: My friends are so mad. I didn’t tell anyone. There were stacks and stacks of clothing. I didn’t want anyone to go through it.
Ashley: I let a couple of people go through mine.