Granit Xhaka Under Armour Shoes Collection

Granit Xhaka Under Armour Shoes. Early this year, Under Armour signed an endorsement deal with Swiss football star Granit Xhaka.

Here’s what Under Armour VP executive Peter Murray says about one of their newest endorsers: “Granit is a hugely exciting young footballer who has an incredible future ahead of him. We felt his relentless and determined style on the pitch matched our brand values. We plan to provide him with best-in-class gear to reach his goals.”

For his part, Granit had this to say about Under Armour: “I feel my young, dynamic spirit is a perfect fit with Under Armour and I am very excited to use their innovative products to add even more control to my game. I look forward to taking my game to the next level, as I still have so much more that I want to achieve.”

So, what’s the Granit Xhaka Under Armour shoes gonna look like? Luckily for you, both Granit and UA have generously shared some photos:

For instance, here’s a Batman/Superman Granit Xhaka Under Armour shoes. This is a pair we’d surely like to buy.

granit xhaka ua cluthfit shoes - batman superman

Here’s another one:

granit xhaka under armour shoes3

And another one:

granit xhaka under armour shoes2

For the next Granit Xhaka Under Armour shoes, we give the guy props for going out of his way telling us details about the design:

granit xhaka under armour shoes

Granit gives us some info about the above shoes: “All my tattoos. Crown with a G. Diamond with an L represents my love for my fiance. The rose symbolizes my whole family. I owe them everything. Bob 92 is my best friend and is like family to me. Agon is my cousin who supports me whenever he can and is my role model.”

Granit and his role model cousin Agon. Now, these are two good lookin’ cousins. They kind of look like twins too.

granit xhaka and agon xhaka

We tried looking for a picture of Granit and his best friend B0B 92 but we didn’t find any. Apparently, his name is Patrik. has some details: “In Xhaka and his buddy also blood flowed: Both were tattooed to underline their special friendship. Xhaka: ‘We both have a tattoo that says’ let BOB 92 ‘prick on his arm. BOB is no shortcut, but simply our word. So we are talking to us. How did we get it, I do not know – we clowning halt much rum. And 92 is our year of birth. ‘”

At twelve, both learned in Basel who, even kicking some time together. Footballing parted but then their paths. The friendship remained!

Xhaka: “We were always there for us, since the first second. Friends are the ones that come when others go – Patrik is one. We will always stick together. We remain brothers forever.”

If the English in the above quote is a bit off, it’s because its a translation (via Google Translate) of a German article.

But let’s go back to some more Granit Xhaka Under Armour shoes, shall we? Here’s his Team34 ClutchFit shoes:

granit xhaka under armour shoes - team34 clutchfit

Some info about #Team34 ClutchFit from Granit’s Instagram: “The number that brought me out. This united my brother and myself. Deeply connected to him, as we have always formed a team. No matter what the color of the jersey, we will always be on the same team.” #EURO2016

Finally, let’s end this post with what we are calling Granit’s family shoes because its all about his family.

granit xhaka under armour shoes - family

So which of the above is your favorite Granit Xhaka Under Armour shoes? Want more men’s shoes? Check out these boat shoes for men.

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