Gonzalo Aburto Shirtless, Girlfriend, Uncoupled

Gonzalo Aburto Shirtless, Girlfriend, Uncoupled. Okay, we’ve now finished Neil Patrick Harris’ Uncoupled on Netflix and, boy, have we found a new imaginary beau. He’s cute, got curly hairs, and a smile that rivals Julia Roberts’. Famewatchers, say hi to Gonzalo Aburto who plays Wyatt on the show which you should check out if you haven’t already. By the way, we advise that you stick to it because it gets better. We were ready to quit after the first two episodes because we were kinda bored but things picked up from episode three.

gonzalo aburto wyatt in uncouple

As you can see in the above pic, Gonzalo plays a character named Wyatt on Uncoupled who is introduced on the show as the boytoy of Billy, a middle-aged TV weatherman who likes to date shallow but hunky twentysomethings.┬áHere’s Gonzalo with co-star Emerson Brooks who plays Billy.

gonzalo aburto gay boyfriend emerson brooks in uncoupled

Gonzalo Aburto Gay or Straight? So is the actor gay or straight in real life? Does he have a boyfriend or girlfriend? The answer is we do not know. But he does post shirtless photos of himself with another shirtless dude on his Insta. Yay! Follow him @gonzalo_aburto for similar pics.

gonzalo aburto boyfriend - geordy noppe maybe

Aww, doesn’t he look hawt in his tuxedo suit? Pic is from his Facebook page where we learned that he attended the Weitzenhoffer School of Musical Theatre at the University of Oklahoma. He graduated in 2021 with a BFA in Musical Theatre.

gonzalo aburto gay in uncoupled

Is the girl below his girlfriend? Nah. That’s his co-star Teah Menzi from a recent Lexington Theatre Company’s production of Little Mermaid. Teah played Ariel and our Gonzalo is, of course, Prince Eric. Enjoy him, Oklahoma, before he becomes a big star in Hollywood!!!

gonzalo aburto girlfriend - teah renzi in little mersisters

Here are some shirtless photos of the guy for the thirsty hos among us.

gonzalo aburto shirtless body

gonzalo aburto shirtless

gonzalo aburto underwear

Let’s end this post with this pic of him in a couch, shall we? Damn! He sure is cute!

gonzalo aburto hot gay in uncoupled

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