Gold Underwear for Men: Brand List Guide to Metallic Gold Underwear

Gold Underwear for Men: Brand Guide. This post is a brand guide for those of you looking for gold underwear for men. We hope it helps you guys planning to go buy metallic gold undies but do not know where to buy ’em. This is not an exclusive list though. Surely, there are other underwear brands out there who make and sell metallic undies like the ones mentioned here.

Also, do note that underwear labels churn out outfits by season. So the ones mentioned here may no longer available. But, on the positive side, other labels not mentioned may have added gold underwear in their latest collections. Now, let’s start our gold underwear for men brand list with this:

Versace Barocco Gold Underwear. According to the internets, the Versace Barocco underwear is one of the most expensive men’s underwear out there. If you have the moolah, you sure can buy a pair of Versace Barocco like the ones below.

gold underwear for men - versace barroco underwear

Moschino Underwear. Moschino presented this skimpy gold underwear for men during a fashion show last year.

gold underwear for men - moschino - 2015 runway

Rufskin Mettalic Underwear. This metallic short shorts may be our favoritest of them all. Okay, its not gold but we won’t be surprised if Rufskin does make gold underwear for men.

gold underwear for men - rufskin mettalic

Modus Vivendi Gold Underwear For Men. Finally, check out these metallic briefs and boxer briefs from the Modus Vivendi collection.

gold underwear mens brands - modus vivendi


Ricky Gervais Gold Underwear: Ellen Collection. (1 February 2011). Hey, its time for one of our male celebrity underwear posts! This time, here’s controversial British comedian Ricky Gervais wearing an Ellen underwear which, we think, was given to him by fellow comedian Ellen Degeneres. We kind of like the fact that the underwear is shimmering gold.

gold underwear for men - ellen

According to the Daily Mail, despite his controversial hosting of this year’s Golden Globe Awards, Ricky has reportedly been asked to host the show for the second time. Well, we’re glad the people behind the Golden Globes are open minded enough to see beyond the hilarious jokes he made during the show. [Update: Both Ricky and the Golden Globes people are denying the report. So maybe the Daily Mail has an unreliable source or it just made up the story.] Want more Ricky Gervais Underwear?

Dirk Bikkembergs Golden Underwear Briefs. (14 August 2011). Want more guys wearing gold underwear? Well, check out these hunky jocks modeling Belgian/German designer Dirk Bikkembergs’ golden underwear. Hot or not? For us, they’re totally, definitely, and unquestionably hot.

gold underwear for men bikkembergs

Gold Underwear for Men: Brand List Guide to Metallic Gold Underwear. Originally posted on 1 February 2011. Last updated: February 26, 2020 at 6:53 am.