Givenchy Vest for Men: Look Stylish and Cool in a Vest

Givenchy Vest for Men: Look Stylish and Cool in a Vest. Looking for a stylish vest that would elevate your look, make other guys envious, and make the ladies go, “Hmmm. He’s cute with that outfit.” Well, you can’t go wrong with the vests that these male models are wearing.

givenchy vest for men look cool and sexy

Check out these Givenchy men’s vest modeled during the Spring/Summer 2011 Paris Fashion Week. How do these outfits compare to the other designer vests we uploaded earlier such as Justin Bieber’s G-Star Raw Chuck Over vest or the What Goes Around Gridnail vest on Robert Pattinson?

black vests for men 2011 givenchy menswear

givenchy vest latest menswear collection runway in paris

If you are less interested in vests and are more interested in Givenchy menswear, check out these Givenchy suits for men, Paolo Roldan’s Givenchy leather jacket, and Zoe Zaldana’s strapless Givenchy dress at the Oscars.

Givenchy Coats + Jackets for Men: Spring 2011 Menswear Collection – Paris Fashion Week. (17 November 2010). Let’s have more Givenchy menswear from the recent Spring/Summer 2011 Paris Fashion Week. What do you think of these Givenchy coats and jackets? Awesome, meeh, or blah?

givenchy jacket for men - male model paris fashion week

We’re pretty sure these outfits are cool but they don’t stand out in this particular runway because they are absorbed by and fade in the black background.

black coats for men by givenchy

gray mens jacket by givenchy - male model wearing givenchy

For more Givenchy menswear, check out these black and white Givenchy men’s suit for Spring 2011 as well as these Givenchy leather jacket from the label’s Fall/Winter 2010 collection.

Givenchy Men’s Jackets for Spring/Summer 2012  (07 September 2011). What does Givenchy have to offer when it comes to jackets or coats for men in Spring/Summer 2012? Here you go!

Our friend Kevin says the jackets look cool but he is more interested in the skirts that the models are wearing which, admittedly, look cool too. They ain’t as cool as kilts though.

We like the cut and the style of the jackets but we’re not loving the overall look for the models mainly because Givenchy’s men in skirts theme is becoming repetitious.