Giovani Lo Celso Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos, Net Worth

Giovani Lo Celso Girlfriend, Shirtless Underwear Photos, Net Worth. Today in Hot Soccer Players, we bring you Argentinian professional footballer Giovani Lo Celso who recently inked a five-year deal, reportedly worth £27.2million, to play for the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club until 2025.

giovani lo celso hot in sweat pants

Obviously, he is happy with the club which is why he signed the contract but let’s hear it straight from the horse’s mouth via The Guardian:

“Right now I’m really enjoying the moment of being at such a big club like Spurs,” says Lo Celso, sitting comfortably at Tottenham’s top-of-the-range training facility. “In the beginning it wasn’t so easy for me. I was coming to a new league, a new language, a new culture, and then I got injured shortly after arriving. But right now I couldn’t feel better.”

Giovani Lo Celso Girlfriend? He is dating Magui Alcacer who is reportedly studying kinesiology and physiotherapy. According to the Daily Star, the two met while Magui was working in a hospital in the city of Rosario, Argentina where both the love birds come from.

giovani lo celso girlfriend magui alcacer

Magui gets kissy-kissy with hear beau. Yaaasssss! Mark your territory gurllll!

giovani lo celso girlfriend kiss magui alcacer

Giovani Lo Celso Shirless Photos. Since we are all about Hot Soccer Players, we would be remiss in our duty if we don’t bring you some shirtless pics of this young and hunky Argentinian football star. We grabbed some of these from his Instagram account which you might want to check out @locelsogiovani.

giovani lo celso body full sexy hot

By his lonesome by the sea.

giovani lo celso shirtless body

Shirtless with some pals.

giovani lo celso shirtless hot body

Giovani sin camisa. That’s the way they say it in Spanish, right?

giovani lo celso shirtless sin camisa

And, for those of you looking for underwear photos of our handsome hunk, check him out in a pair of black Nike performance underwear.

giovani lo celso underwear - compression shorts

Giovani Lo Celso Net Worth? How rich is our Giovani? Well, to be honest, no one really knows except himself, his accountants, and maybe his parents. He is most definitely a millionaire (in dollahs not Argentine pesos) but the claims being made by some websites which, we should be clear, are merely guesstimates — sometimes pulled out of thin air — range from $1 million (according to to as high as $43 Million (according to

Now, whatever his net worth, there is no denying that he is one gorgeous dude and that’s the most important thing for us thirsty THOTs of Famewatcher.

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