Gilles Marini Speedo Swimtrunks + Calendar Underwear Photos

Gilles Marini Speedo and Underwear Hunk. Are you looking for Gilles Marini Speedo photos? Thank God this French hunk is not listening to those silly people who say that men should not wear Speedos. Otherwise we won’t have these awesome pics of our imaginary French beau.

gilles marini speedo swimtrunk

Seriously, Gilles is da bomb. We know that he’s an excellent dancer. We also know that he’s got great six-pack ab muscles as we saw in his shirtless photos. Now we also know that he packs them Speedos really nicely too. Doesn’t matter whether he’s wearing squarecut or lowcut swimtrunks. He fits into them quite nicely. He sure can give that Beckham guy a run for his modeling money.

gilles marini shirtless body

gilles marini speedo

UPDATE: Gilles Marini Underwear in 2010 Calendar – Photos (24 July 2009) Gilles Marini aka The One With a Hot Junk in His Swimming Trunks is coming up with a 2010 calendar so you can ogle at his gorgeous body 364 days next year.

gilles marini underwear calendar

It would be fun if you’re living with this guy and he just wears them white boxer-briefs in the kitchen, no? Can you imagine waking up in the morning and find this guy dressed only in that pair of sexy boxers preparing a peanut butter sandwich for you? Damn, that would be heaven.

gilles marini white boxer briefs underwear

You can place the Gilles calendar in your bedroom and dream that he’s like sleeping there beside you. Or you can hop on his motorcycle and he’ll drive you around a tiny French village and …. damn, our imagination is running wild. How silly/crazy are we becoming because of this Gilles guy? Hehehe.

gilles marini sexy

Anyhoo, if you want more hotness from this dancing French hunk, check out the earlier Gilles Marini shirtless photos we uploaded in the past. Enjoy your Gilles dreams.

So which of these Gilles Marini Speedo and underwear pics is your favorite? Ours would be the calendar thing. Oh wait, actually our fav is that pic of him toasting bread in his white boxer briefs.

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