Giles Matthey Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend?

Giles Matthey Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend? Look who’s rocking his fabulous turtleneck sweater? It’s model turned actor Giles Matthey! This British actor is the embodiment of versatility. Not only can he model and act, he’s also got some chameleonic charm that makes him able to transcend different roles from a cad, to a leading man, to a boyish innocent looking pretty boy.

giles matthey model - jeans and turtleneck sweater

Another modeling pic of Giles Matthey. If we ain’t mistaken, he’s wearing a Louis Vuitton long coat.

Giles Matthey long coats for men

Giles Matthey Shirtless Photos. Giles goes shirtless in this photoshoot for Just Jared. This is what we mean when we say that he can be an innocent pretty boy.

Giles Matthey body - true blood

We thought he was a teenager when these photos were taken but we later found out that he was actually in his mid-twenties.

Giles Matthey shirtless - true blood -just jared

Giles Matthey Gay or Has Girlfriend? Is he gay or straight? Our friends at think he is gay. Here’s their gaydar rating for the guy: “According to 78 visitors Giles Matthey is 74% gay. The average gay-rating on is 69%, which means Giles Matthey has been voted highly gay.”

Actually, Giles is straight and, in fact, dated actress Hannah Ware. Check them out at some red carpet event.

Giles Matthey girlfriend hannah ware

The two might have broken up because in an interview with Radar Online last year (June 2014), Giles stated that he’s not dating anyone. 2020 Update: He is dating a girl named Gaby Tallulah Jones. Here’s a photo of the lovely twosome.

giles matthey girlfriend gabrielle tallulah jones

Giles with the great Robin Williams. The two starred on the gay coming-out story Boulevard.

Giles Matthey robin williams - boulevard - gay movie

The closest to a Giles Matthey underwear photo. That’s a peekabo, right?

Giles Matthey underwear peekabo

2020 Update: Photo of Giles in his boxer briefs underwear which we grabbed from his Instagram account (follow him @gilesmatthey).

giles matthey underwear boxer briefs

Learn more about Giles in this interview with where he talks about his more prominent roles to date — playing a faerie on True Blood and a pimp on Boulevard:

Young Hollywood: You were also on “True Blood” as a faerie, which is a rather unusual role. How did you get into character as a faerie?

Giles Matthey: I rang up Tinkerbell for a quick interview, and she was very lovely. She was quite helpful. [chuckles] No, I actually found that concentrating on really strange things for actors really helps. I imagined my character as being very delicate. I imagined him as – -and you will laugh at this — a very delicate glass swan, like those very beautiful glass-blown objects. But he can also be quite vicious as well. He was very, very protective over Sookie. There were a couple of things about him, but what sticks out in my head most of all is that you try to make it as real as possible to yourself, because people need to be able to relate to you, whether you are a vampire or a faerie. We need to have the same sort of characteristics so that people can relate to you, and that’s why I think “True Blood” is such a popular show. I wanted him to be a light, delicate guy who’s very protective and vicious if pushed. He’s a bit like an older brother. And they don’t always have to be the biggest guys to be the most protective!

Young Hollywood: Congratulations on the recent success of the film Boulevard.How was it going from playing a rather delicate faerie to an evil, southern pimp?

Giles Matthey: That was the biggest character role. You had to be open to changing for that role. You get certain roles that are very character-driven, and this was one of them. I did a lot of work with his voice in the beginning, and when I found his voice, I then went to a lot of ghetto hip-hop clubs. I wanted to find how Eddie would move and how he would walk. I also just used my imagination and played with it a lot.

The director, Dito Montiel, had so much faith in his actors, he just told us that he knew what we could do and to just get from Point A to Point B and play around with it. That’s really interesting for an actor to have a director who lets you play. It was really an honor to get to work with Robin Williams at such an early stage in my career.

In terms of his voice, I would practice his voice in my car. I would think about whether or not it would be a high-pitched voice or a low voice, or would it be an effeminate voice? I tried all types, and I watched Paris is Burning, which is a documentary about the underground gay culture in the 1980s, which I found very helpful.

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