Gev Manoukian SYTYCD: Dancing Hunk on So You Think You Can Dance

Gev Manoukian SYTYCD: Dancing Hunk on So You Think You Can Dance. No, fellow Gev Manoukian shirtless fans, we haven’t found any shirtless photo of our dancing idol. But we did find one that is 1/16th shirtless — Gev with a partially open shirt. Hehe.

gev manoukian shirtless

So how’s our Gev doing now? Seems like he is doing fine and he’s got some acting credits to his name on IMDB. You can follow him on Instagram (@gevmanoukian) for more. Want more hot male dancers?

Also, over on the STYCD subreddit, yabuyano has this update on one of our first imaginary TV boyfriends: “Currently Gev is busy choreographing and teaching master classes at major studios and intensives as well as performing/teaching for Skate Dance Dream (a dance/skate show that offers classes). He also has a few TV credits, such as the AMAs and MTV’s American Mall.”

Gev Manoukian SYTYCD Update (posted 28 July 2008). Argh. I’m really missing my ex-reality TV boyfriend. I’m referring, of course, to cutie dancer Gev Manoukian who was eliminated at So You Think You Can Dance way before his time. Good thing there are good people uploading photos of him. Here are some Gev photos courtesy of the Bedford Four.

gev manoukian sytycd

He’s so cute and adorable, no? Now if only someone will publish a shirtless photo of Gev to satisfy his legions of fans who are googling for Gev Manoukian shirtless pics :-)

gev manoukian dancer with kids

So You Think You Can Dance 4: Gev Manoukian (11 June 2008). OMG. Another hottie. Especially the eyes. It is as if he can see right through you. Gev Manoukian can help erase all that negative imagery that Borat created of Kazakhstan, no?

gev manoukian hot sexy dancer

Gev Manoukian SYTYCD Audition Video (12 June 2008). Gev Manoukian is one of my reality TV boyfriends so I should upload his audition. He did a great job. Very smooth and yet energetic.

Gev and Courtney’s Contemporary Dance (19 June 2008). Oh my. This was so hawt. I’m now officially jealous of this Courtney girl. Gev should be holding, caressing, and carrying me not her. Seriously, they both did a great job. The judges loved it too. Go Gev and Courtney!

Gev Manoukian SYTYCD Top 16: Judges Comments (27 June 2008). Gev Manoukian is my second SYTCD boyfriend this season so I’m putting together what the judges are saying about his latest performance as I did for Mark Kanemura my other boyfriend. By the way, who says you can’t have two reality TV boyfriends at the same time? If I can have them both, I will. Hehe.

Gev manoukian sytycd with courtney

Nigel: I am very very happy with that routine, I think they did a very good job. I think they make a fabulous couple. For the first time I really felt it (the passion) tonight. Gev, you reminded me a little bit tonight of Dominic, who is in the audience tonight. There is something that is very sensual about it and you brought everything together tonight.

Adam: You guys have no idea when you’re doing well how exciting it is to be us. I really really loved it. Gev, man, you are a strong dude and I needed to be remembered that you’re a hip-hop guy.

Gev Manoukian and That Girl (27 June 2008). Oh my. This performance is sooo effin’ hawwt. I will let Gev grab my booty too.

Gev Manoukian Voted Off …. I’m Beyond Sad (18 July 2008). Silly voters. They placed my two SYTYCD boyfriends — Mark Kanemura and Gev Manoukian — in the bottom two. Look what you did to my boy. He’s trying bravely not to cry. Love you Gev. Keep on dancing.

gev manoukian so you think you can dance

Gev Manoukian SYTYCD Last Dance (18 July 2008). Watching Gev’s last solo dance on So You Think You Can Dance makes me sadder than sad and bluer than blue. Okay, okay I’m using cliches now because it’s hard to describe what I feel. I love the guy, you know. It also doesn’t help that the song he danced to is by Michael Buble, another favorite. Argh. Argh.

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