Gethin Anthony Gay or Girlfriend – Charles Manson Leather Jacket

gethin anthony charles manson leather jacket - aquarius

Gethin Anthony Gay or Girlfriend – Charles Manson Leather Jacket in Aquarius. Famewatchers, we need your help. Can you tell whether Gethin Anthony is wearing a brown leather jacket in the pic above? We know he’s wearing a brown jacket but we can’t be effin’ sure 100% whether the jacket is made of leather. Deena says it is not leather. Kevin says it is. While yours truly is as indecisive as ever. Indecisiveness is one of my endearing traits. Hehe.

Anyhoo, if you are 100% sure about what the jacket is made of, do tell in the comments. And, if it is a leather jacket, do you know who made it? Thankeee!

By the way, Gethin’s pic is from his latest TV project, Aquarius, where he stars as the crazy, scary, murderous madman that is Charles Manson. That’s a challenging role for any actor but our British thespian is sure to rise up to the challenge. FYI: Aquarius is now airing on NBC.


Here’s Gethin talking about his role (via Pop Entertainment Blog):

What was it about the premise of the show in general and about your character in particular that turns you on? Why do you want to be part of it?
My first and strongest reaction to reading the script on a Saturday morning back in London last year was to the authenticity of the dialogue that had been written for the Manson character and the characters around him in that world.

I was aware somewhat of that era of history in US history, but [creator] John [McNamara]’s dialogue was really authentic for me and so it made me want to dig deeper into understanding the late 60s. That excitement they could have the courage to make a show about such sensitive subject matter with authenticity excites me.

How much research and preparation did you do into Manson before you took on the role?
When I first got the script I was aware that the process of being cast would be about a month or maybe a bit longer, so all the while I started to read the biographies that are available. One of the useful things about playing such a notorious man is that there’s a wealth of information out there.

I could have almost got snowed under with reading and watching, but it really became about… listening to his voice was a very helpful thing that I did. There’s an interview that he did with a studio engineer in 1967, before he was a part of the crimes and in prison. That I found very useful to take me back to the point in the story… of history rather… that our stories take place.

So, yes, it was a close listen to his voice. Also, once I was into the role we got like a college reading list from our show manager John McNamara. It was a big old list of books and films and music to listen to, which is probably the most fun bit. Actually all of it was fascinating, and the music of the era is just fantastic, obviously.

After playing Manson, do you have an explanation why people gravitated to him so much?
Having done the research that I did, increasingly I understood why that might have been the case. I don’t claim to know if there was the silver bullet of understanding why these young women were drawn to him, but I think there are a few key factors.

One of the few books that was Manson said he had read is How to Make Friends and Influence People [by Dale Carnegie]. That is something he read in prison. He claims to have listened to pimps in prison, as a way of understanding how they got their way. Presumably mostly with women, but basically to control people from there on in. He describes it in his own words as his schooling, in a way.

So he obviously was actively engaging in how to influence other people way before any of the crimes took place. He was a man who was let out of prison at a time when there was a lot of liberation in the air. Around young people and a lot of young impressionable minds. Out and about meeting new people with this feeling of liberation. So, yes, I think it was a perfect cocktail of circumstance really.


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