Gerry Turner Shirtless: The Golden Bachelor

Gerry Turner Shirtless: The Golden Bachelor. We gotta give props to ABC Network for making a senior citizens’ version of their reality TV hit The Bachelor. It should have happened a decade ago but, as Grandma Akita used to say, “tis better late than never, Mary”.

Anyhoo, The Golden Bachelor will feature 71-year-old Gerry Turner who will be looking for a partner among the aspirants of the show. We are liking him so far and we hope he finds the one. Want more Hot Older Men like Gerry?

gerry turner hot in suit

Now, of course, because we know that some of you are thirsty for a daddy, we went a-looking for some shirtless pics of Gerry and the pics are what we gathered from the internets. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the show will feature him in his underoos because we know you’d be thirsting for that too.

gerry turner shirtless and young golden bachelor

gerry turner shirtless

To give you more information about the guy, here are excerpts from an interview he did with

On how he became the first Golden Bachelor: It’s a fairly long story. It started well before Covid, and I was at a period where I wasn’t dating anyone. I hadn’t met the good circle of friends that I have now. And so, I was feeling kind of down on my luck and I saw the ad, and I mentioned it to my daughters. They’re big fans of the show, and they kind of got me watching the show and they said, “Dad, you should do it.” And to my surprise, I filled out the online interview and heard shortly after, within the next several days. And then, of course, things went dead with Covid, and lo and behold, when it was announced that again it was going to happen, my phone rang and it’s been off to the races since then. That was mid-February, I think.

On whether he thinks it is possible to find love on TV: I do. At first I thought, there’s no way. I was really skeptical. But as I’ve thought about it and I’ve seen the process evolve and so forth, I really do think it’s possible. So we’ll see. I’m hopeful. Very hopeful.

gerry turner golden bachelor

On his late wife Toni: I have her picture in my closet. No one can see it but me. Most every morning, I would look at the picture and I’d say, “Well, what do you think?” And I’d try to be alone with my thoughts just for a moment. Early on, it was like, “Oh, I don’t know what she’d think of this.” I think I still felt as if I was being disloyal or unfaithful. And over time, I got to realize that I think she would be an encouraging supporter. We talked about it when we were alive that we both wanted the other to be happy if one of us passed, and we established our financial setup that way. This is the way it should be.

gerry turner young with high school sweetheart

On the public response after the announcement that he is the Golden Bachelor: Oh, that’s been very fun. I think one of the joys of doing this — because there is a lot of nervousness and there is a lot of responsibility along with it — the joy is seeing all the people that want to join the ride. People on the lake, pickleball friends especially, they’ve all been extremely supportive and extremely happy. Of course, some of them give me a bit of a hard time about it, but that’s to be expected.

gerry turner hot golden bachelor

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