George Clooney Tuxedo Suit

George Clooney Tuxedo Suit. Like his BFF Brad Pitt, George Clooney is getting hotter as he gets older. He looks awesome in his tuxedo, doesn’t he? But then again,¬† he always looks great¬† in whatever clothes he wears. Or, even if he’s wearing nothing.

george clooney tuxedo

Check out more tuxedo photos of our Hollywood hottie below.

george clooney tuxedo suit

Looking dapper in their tuxedos, BFFs George and Brad Pitt attend the premiere of their movie Burn After Reading at the Venice International Film Festival. It was fun to watch Brad as a dimwit gym-trainer-turned-blackmailer but we were underwhelmed by the movie. Our disappointment could be probably traced to the fact that, after reading a lot of positive reviews, we expected a laugh out loud movie which it wasn’t.

George looking elegant as always in his Joseph Aboud tuxedo suit. Any of you have an idea on the award he received? We think its a Peabody Award (like the one received by our favorite late night host Craig Ferguson) but we’re not 100% sure.

We don’t have to guess Clooney’s award in this next photo. Everyone knows its his Oscar which is a much-deserved win for his role in that Syriana movie. Aside from bagging his Oscar statue, George also earned a lot of raves for this two-button tuxedo he wore during the awards.

Gorgeous George rocks his classic tuxedo.

The perfect tux for the perfect gentleman.

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Okay, this is totally unrelated to tuxedos but we have to add this here. It’s a post we wrote earlier about Ellen’s successful campaign to get George to guest on her show. Enjoy watching the video.

Ellen Degeneres Finally Gets George Clooney

After months of trying, Ellen Degeneres finally got George Clooney [Is he gay?] to appear on her show. The trick which convinced him to show up on Ellen: baseball. George turns out to be a big baseball fan and can’t resist meeting his idols Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan.

George Clooney Tuxedo Suit. Posted 17 May 2009. Updated 3 June 2017.