Gay Men in Tuxedo Suits: Hollywood Hunks & Celebrity Couples

Gay Men in Tuxedo Suits: Hollywood Hunks & Celebrity Couples. For those of you who are googling “hot gay guys in tuxedo suits”. You are soo into tuxedos, hah? Well, here’s How I Met Your Mother’s Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka looking oh-so-very-happy in their tuxedo suits. You already know that they’re having twin babies, right? So we should also be very happy for them and their upcoming bigger family.

gay men in tuxedo suits

More pics of Neil and David wearing tuxedos after the jump. Cheers, expecting dads!

gay men in tuxedo suits neil patrick harris david burtka

gay men in tuxedo suits nph david burtka

Want more men wearing tuxedo suits?

More Gay Celebrities Wearing Tuxedo Suits
12 November 2011

Let’s have more gay celebrities looking gorgeous in their tuxedo suits, shall we? We begin with our favorite American Idol alumni, the always glamorous Adam Lambert who went for the “lemme show you my shaved chest” looked at the 2011 Grammy Awards. Way to go, Glambert.

gay men in tuxedo suits adam lambert

Also at the same Grammy Awards, Latino hunk Ricky Martin wore an Armani tuxedo jacket which he bafflingly paired with tight silver pants. The odd look earned our imaginary boyfriend a place in several fashion commentator’s “Worst Dressed List”. Related: Ricky Martin Underwear: Boxers or Briefs.

Seriously, Ricky! What were you thinking? Still, with legs like that Ricky can wear anything he wants.

From hot gay singers, let’s move on to hot gay couples and their tuxedo outfits. First, here’s the fabulous George Takei getting married with long-time partner Brad Altman.

gay men in tuxedo suits george takei brad altman

Another gay couple who tied the knot is John Barrowman and husband Scott Gill. Check out the happy couple in their wedding tuxedos.

gay men in tuxedo suits john barrowman

Wait, there’s more. Did we mention that John also wore a sexy kilt to his wedding?

Let’s bring back some old Hollywood glamor with Rock Hudson, the biggest Hollywood star of his generation, looking fab in his tux.

Last but not the least of our gay celebrities in tux is Sir Ian McKellen himself seen here at the Cannes Film Festival with Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart.

Gay Men in Tuxedo Suits: Hollywood Hunks and Celebrity Couples. Posted 21 August 2010. Updated 30 May 2017.