Adam Joseph Shirtless 6ABC Weatherman, Husband Karl, and Family

Adam Joseph Shirtless 6ABC Weatherman with Husband Karl (2020 Update). We are updating this post to bring you these photos of our hunky weatherman and his equally hunky husband. We grabbed the pics from Adam’s Instagram which you might want to follow @the_adam_joseph6. Want more hot media men?

adam joseph shirtless weatherman - 6abc

adam joseph shirtless body

Adam Joseph Gay or Straight? (8 August 2014). Some of you suspected that 6ABC weatherman is as gay as Sam Champion. Turns out you hit the bulls eye. Adam himself confirmed the rumor by announcing he’s got a baby with a partner named Karl. Check out this adorable photo of Adam, Karl, and their new baby:

adam joseph boyfriend husband partner karl and baby jacob

From Adam’s Facebook post: “The action news team has grown again! I am ecstatic to introduce Jacob, the newest love of our lives. My partner Karl and I welcomed him into our world on August 5th at 1:41am. He tipped the scales at 9lbs 1oz and was over 21 inches long! He was a bit stubborn to arrive, but once he did he’s been mellow, attentive, and constantly looking around. We are simply overjoyed and ready to spoil him with unconditional love!”

Ain’t that cool? We are so happy for the way gay rights is advancing in the United States and other parts of the world. Five to ten years ago, media people like Adam will be hiding their sexual preferences and dating beards to tell the world they’re straight. Now, they can come out without fear of a backlash and that kind of stuff. The comments on Adam’s Facebook post announcing the arrival of baby Jacob is overwhelmingly supportive and positive. That’s progress, fellow Famewatchers.

Adam Joseph Shirtless. For those of you looking for shirtless photos of the hunky weatherman. Apparently, he is into the Ironman triathlon thing which is why he is in pretty good shape.

adam joseph shirtless weatherman - gay - boyfriend

Adam Joseph Boyfriend Karl. Can you tell us more about him? Is he also in the TV business like his partner? Or does he work in another field? Are the two married? Where did they meet? How long have they been dating? Hehe. We admit we’re gossipy and all but you must also admit that you love, love, love you some gossip :-)

We are trying to get some info about Adam’s partner, boyfriend, maybe husband and we will update this post if we do so check back later. Now, if you are privy to some information, then do tell in the comments. Danke!

Update: In an interview with, Adam tells us more about his coming out, baby Jacob, partner Karl, and the baby announcement.

He says, “I want my son to be proud of both his fathers. From the day he was born, I want him to understand that families come in all shapes, sizes and colors. In our eyes, as long as there is unconditional love for a child, it doesn’t matter who that child looks up to or leans on. Was I hesitant? Maybe for one split second and then it passed. This is unconditional love and hope. I truly wish that every person wanting a family can feel this overwhelming happiness and joy.”

He adds, “Combined, [Karl and I] have 14 nieces and nephews, and thought No. 15 was overdue since the youngest niece is 8. As for the timing, we both worked very hard to get to the place we are today. This is not an easy journey to go on, both emotionally and financially. Karl is the perfect partner and we’ve built an amazing foundation together to be able to start our family. We’ve had endless love and support from family and friends. Tears instantly flowed when I first saw his face, even before he was placed in my arms. My dream of being a dad has become reality and so much more!”

Yay. Congratulations to the new family.

Adam Joseph Shirtless 6ABC Weatherman, Husband Karl, and Family. Posted 8 August 2014. Last updated: April 20, 2020 at 11:22 am.