Gary Barlow Shirtless Photos: Now and When He Was Younger

Gary Barlow Shirtless Update. So, how’s our favorite British boyband member doing these days? Well, he’s a daddy now and he’d been busy last year as the head judge of a British TV show called Walk the Line. Unfortunately, it must not have done well in the ratings because ITV reportedly stated (per Daily Fail) that the show won’t be getting a second season. But here’s Gary looking fab on the set of Walk the Line.

gary barlow now update

And here are photos of the singer as a silver daddy. If he ain’t the very embodiment of a DILF, we do not know what is. Hehe. By the by, we grabbed some of these pics from his Insta which you might want to follow @officialgarybarlow.

gary barlow now - hot silver daddy

As daddies do, he’s put on some weight which is noticeable in this vacation photo that the papz took.

gary barlow hot daddy

By the by, his son Daniel is just as good looking as our Gary. Here’s a pic of the two working out which was shared by the singer on his social media accounts when the younger Barlow turned 18.

gary barlow son daniel

But let’s go back appreciating Barlow The Elder shall we? He can seriously give them fireman calendar models a run for their money, no?

gary barlow shirtless fireman

gary barlow shirtless young

And, we’ll end this update with this photo of Gary and Take That bandmate Howard Donald looking cool in their skimpy swimwear which the latter shared on social media. Yay! We are keeping our fingers crossed that he will continue to share stuff like this. When it comes to Gary’s old photos, there’s no such thing as oversharing. Haha.

gary barlow speedo with howard donald

Gary Barlow Young: As a Young Boy, Teenager, and 1990s Superstar (3 January 2017). Happy new year, Famewatchers! This post is for those of you who are Gary Barlow fans and who are looking looking for pics of him when he was younger. Let us begin with this photo of the British singing hunk as a young boy. The right one is from when he was six-year-old.

Gary Barlow as 15 year old singer on a BBC show. This was also the time when he kinda looked like a lesbian. Hehe. Our now-hunky Gary before he lost his baby fat.

gary barlow fat weight gain

And this one’s from the 80s when big hair was “in”.

gary barlow ugly years

Hello, cutie! Wanna hug to keep you warm?

gary barlow young fashion style

Gary with a fan in the 1990s. Photo courtesy of said fan, Claire Blake.

gary barlow 1990s with fan claire blake

Now, the next photo is when our Gary started getting hot.

gary barlow young fashion

A hot Gary knows knows his assets and is selling them in the next photos. These ones are for those of you who are looking for Gary Barlow shirtless or Gary Barlow underwear photos.

gary barlow underwear

Oh Gary! You make us girls (and Kevin) tingle. Haha. He’s got sculpted washboard abs even before washboards became the desirable thing for men. Want more celebrity washboard abs?

gary barlow 1990s shirtless and bulge in shorts

Gary Barlow as a young superstar on the rise.

gary barlow young boy in sweater

Hmmm. Do you like Gary with facial hair or do you like him smooth? He looks good with facial hair now but this particular pic below gives off a serial killer vibe. Hehe.

gary barlow growing a mustache and beard

So what’s up for Gary in 2017? Apparently, he has a show called Let It Sing on BBC which will air this January. However, the troll that is Simon Cowell is reportedly trying to stop the show because it might be similar to the X-Factor. We think Simon has no case here because his shows such as X Factor and Got Talent are just copycats of other previous talent shows in the past.

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