Gary Barlow – Take That – Underwear: Young & Old Photos

Gary Barlow and Take That Underwear: Boxers, Briefs, and Stuff. Seeing Gary Barlow’s boxers underwear on the pages of GQ Magazine UK prompted us to look for more underwear photos of the Take That vocalist and X-Factor judge. Boy, did we find delightful photos of the 40-something hunk from his younger days. Apparently, he and his fellow Take That boybanders loved to strip to their undies back in the day. Yay!

Gary as a nekkid blondie. The pic reminds us of those blond Russian/Eastern bad guys that are the staple of early 1980s cold-war movies. Still, we’d hit that. Can you imagine Gary still wearing a pair of briefs cut like this one?

Gary with fellow Take Thater Howard Donald (who, like Gary, is now in his 40s). Who among you fellow girl-Famewatchers had copies of this picture (or similar ones) in your rooms back in the 1990s?

take that underwear photos - gary barlow and howard donald

Take That underwear boxer shorts. The members of the band in boxer shorts pretending they are boxers. Who is the hottest of them all? [For another underwear pic of Robbie Williams, check out the following post: Robbie Williams in Kilt.]

The group in skimpy metal briefs underwear. Who’s the baddest of them all? At the beach in their Speedo swimsuits. Hey look! Boybanders in a shower fight! [Update: Sorry, we had to delete some photos referred to in this post.]


Anyhoo, we’re happy to note that Gary is having a second wind career-wise. Not a lot of “then-famous” boybanders get the chance to be “current-famous” but our Gary must be praying to the right God because he’s lucky to get the X-Factor gig which re-introduced him to his old fans and, more importantly, introduced him to a new generation of people who have not heard of him before. Of course, a guy can have all the luck in the world and still be an irrelevant failure if he does not play his cards right. Good thing that Barlow, as X-Factor judge and mentor, is playing his cards right and is thus winning new fans in the process.

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