Garrett Hedlund Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, and Fashion Style

Garrett Hedlund Shirtless Update. Hey, fellow Famewatchers, did you know that Garrett is now a daddy? Apparently, he and then-girlfriend Emma Roberts had a baby last December 2020 whom they named Rhodes Robert Hedlund.

Garrett Hedlund Shirtless photos

On the career front, the now 37-year-old actor continues to be busy having starred in 12 movies and TV shows since we last blogged about him in 2017. Oh, he’s got himself some acting awards too. Specifically, he and his fellow cast-mates brought home four acting trophies for their performance in the 2017 movie Mudbound. Here are some pics of the actor and his co-stars from the Independent Spirit Awards and from the Hollywood Film Awards.

garrett hedlund acting trophy - mudbound garrett hedlund acting trophy - mudbound2

Garrett Hedlund Shirtless Photos (22 May 2017). We have more Garrett Hedlund shirtless photos for you. Did you know that he is friends with Spiderman actor Andrew Garfield. In fact, they must be best buds enough to go swimming together during some beach vacation.

Garrett Hedlund shirtless body

Our friend Deena says she can sense some gay bromance a-brewing between these two talented actors. Hehe. Want more shirtless Hollywood bromance? Check out our post on Woody Harrelson and Owen Wilson.

Garrett Hedlund gay with andrew garfield2

Garrett Hedlund Gay Kiss. Garrett is actually straight but has done some gay kissin’ in the part. Speficically, he made out with actor Tom Sturridge in the 2012 movie, On the Road. Here’s a screencap from said film. [Sorry, we had to delete the one where they go kissy kissy but we are trying to appease our Grandma Akita who threatened she won’t give us her Ming vase if we don’t make this website less risque. Hehe.]

garrett hedlund tom sturridge kiss on the road

Anyhoo, our Garrett supposedly also had a love scene with Steve Buscemi in the film but it did not make the final cut.

garrett hedlund gay steve buscemi

Did he also make out with another On the Road co-star Sam Riley?

garrett hedlund gay on the road

Garrett Hedlund Girlfriend. He’s been dating actress Kirsten Dunst these past few years but the two called it quits last year. Aside from Kirsten, Garrett’s ex-girlfriend list include: Rashida Jones, Lindsay Lohan, Leighton Meester, and Beau Garrett.

garrett hedlund girlfriend kirsten dunst

Let us end this update with another Garrett Hedlund shirtless photo, shall we?

Garrett Hedlund shirtless hot photos

Garrett Hedlund Fashion Shoot for V Magazine (posted 14 March 2012). Are you a fan of Tron Legacy star Garrett Hedlund? Then we’re pretty sure you’re looking forward to his new movie this year, On the Road, where he stars alongside Twilight babe Kristen Stewart. The movie is reportedly going to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival so expect Garrett and Kristen to be heading to France in the next few months.

Hopefully he’ll be bold enough to wear this Givenchy leopard print trousers he’s seen wearing in this photoshoot for W Magazine. Come on Garrett, wear this one when you go to Paris. We promise you’ll be a hit among the fashion forward French people.

Despite our wishes, it is most likely that Garrett will go the formal route and wear a Calvin Klein suit like the one he’s wearing during the premiere of Tron Legacy.

Sadly, given the warming weather, we don’t think Garrett will be wearing a coat like this badass long coat he modeled for Prada during the label’s fashion show for its Menswear 2012 Collection held recently in Milan, Italy.

If he wants to go super-casual in Cannes (it’s frowned upon but not necessarily prohibited), he can wear the ensemble — a pair of jeans, white shirt, cowboy hat, and a Carhartt Sandstone Traditional Coat — he’s seen wearing in this photo with country singer Tim McGraw.

Or he can dress like an ordinary dude and attend the screening of his movie wearing Levis Jeans and a Superfine V-neck tee-shirt.

There would be some crazy and silly people who would welcome him to his movie premiere wearing nothing but his underwear but we advise him against that. Hehe.

Garrett Hedlund Shirtless: Tron Legacy Actor (06 August 2009). Is Garrett Hedlund the next big star? As we reported earlier, he’s going to be the main lead actor in the upcoming movie Tron Legacy which could propel him to the big league in the same way that Star Trek is shaping up to be the biggest break for its main stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto. Anyways, check out Garrett’s photos from his previous acting jobs. Ain’t he hawt?

Garrett Hedlund Shirtless Photo

hot Garrett Hedlund Shirtless

Garrett Hedlund Shirtless

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