Gael Monfils Girlfriend, Wife, Shirtless, Vogue Modeling Photos

Gael Monfils Wedding Update. Hey fellow TennisWatchers, did you know that Gael Monfils aka our Favorite French Tennis Player got himself hitched last year? While we here at Famewatcher were “busy” moping at home because of the pandemic, Gael and now-wife Elina Svitolina got busy getting engaged (on April 2021) and getting married (on 16 July 2021). We are so happy for them and belated congratulations to the couple!

gael monfils wedding to wife Elina Svitolina

Like Gael, Elina Svitolina is also a very accomplished tennis player and she actually has more career titles than her hubby (16 vs. Gael’s 11). They are equal though in terms of semifinal appearances in Grand Slam events; it’s Wimbledon and the US Open for Elina and French and the US Opens for her hubby. Excellent accomplishments, huh? Can you imagine the tennis genes that their children will have!

Gael Monfils Girlfriend or Wife? (14 May 2017). What is Gael’s relationship status? Is he dating anyone or is he still single? Or maybe he’s already tied the knot? To answer your questions, we went snooping at and learned that he dated Slovak beauty Dominika Cibulkova. It was a match made in tennis heaven because, like Gael, Dominika is also a professional tennis player. Here’s a photo of the ex-couple.

gael monfils girlfriend dominika cibulkova

Our Gael also dated another tennis pro, AlizĂ© Cornet. Check them out — they’re the two in the middle — with other members of the 2008 Olympic French tennis team.

gael monfils girlfriend Alize Cornet

So is there a current Gael Monfils girlfriend? According to, Gael has been dating Chelsea Altman since 2010. ESPN also mentions that Gael and Chelsea are living in together in Lyons, France. Because we can’t find any report that they ever broke up, we guess it is safe to assume that they are still in a relationship.

Gael Monfils Shirtless Photos (8 August 2009). We blogged about Gael Monfils nearly kissing (maybe they did kiss) fellow French tennis player Gilles Simon. Now, here’s Gael working his muscles and pleasing his fans at the same time. Do you think he can beat Feliciano Lopez’s six-pack abs?

gael monfils shirtless tennis star

Anyways, we must say that we love watching Gael in the tennis court. We love watching his French compatriots too, especially that Jo-Wilfried dude.

Want More Gael Monfils Shirtless Photos? Who wants some shirtless photos of Gael Monfils? Of course we all do, don’t we? Well, here’s the French tennis star wearing nothing but a pair of white tennis shorts.

Gael goes shirtless at the beach with a girl who may or may not be his girlfriend. If you know who the lucky girl is, please ID her in the comments. Thank you.

Another shirtless photo of Gael with his tennis racquet.

gael monfils young and shirtless

By the way, did you know that Gael hid an editorial spread with Vogue Magazine while at the French Open? Here are some of the Vogue photos.

Breakfast and tennis in bed? That’s kind of cool!

gael monfils vogue

He also did a photoshoot for a French Magazine called Sports & Style but, unfortunately, this is the only pic we have from said shoot.

gael monfils young

Let’s end this post with another pic of our French tennis hottie with his hot washboard abs and biceps.

gael monfils shirtless

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