Gael Garcia Bernal Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Gael Garcia Bernal Underwear and Shirtless Photos. You didn’t think we’d write a post about Diego Luna’s underwear without writing one for his kissin’ partner Gael Garcia Bernal, did you? First, have you ever seen him wearing women’s clothes?

gael garcia bernal gay bad education - dressed as a woman

He sure is believable as a woman with them bee-stung lips and all. Hehe. For those of you wondering why in heaven’s name is the hunky Mexican actor wearing women’s clothes, rest assured that he’s not doing it for the sake of doing it (a-la our favorite British bad boy Alex Reid). Gael is actually playing a role as a vengeful drag queen in the 2004 drama Bad Education, about child sexual abuse by a predator priest in a Catholic school. Ugh.

Does Gael only do gay movies? Of course not! He’s done some but that’s not the only kind of movies he makes. The guy is clearly an excellent talented actor with tons of acting trophies under his name so its no wonder that he is cast to give justice to challenging roles such as doing drag queens or a young man who suddenly finds himself bumping uglies with a dude.

He says of the gay roles he played (via Digital Spy): “It’s so cool. I don’t see what all the fuss is about playing gay characters. When I did Y Tu Mama Tambien, I was asked, ‘Don’t you worry about what people will say to you in the street?’ It seemed like it was such a huge deal.”Why would it be an issue for me? I think it is a very American thing. In Mexico, no one has given me any s**t for playing gay roles, for playing a transvestite, whatever. They don’t confuse the actor with the role. I mean, they don’t think Al Pacino’s a cop!”

Right on, Gael. We agree with ya!

Gael Garcia Bernal Underwear and Shirtless Photos. Time now for Gael’s shirtless and underwear photos. Hehe. These are for Deena and Kevs.

gael garcia bernal gay y tu mama tambien

Is the above pic from Y Tu Mama Tambien?

gael garcia bernal underwear

Ever swam in the pool with not a swimsuit but a white briefs underwear like what Gael is doing above?

By the by, did you know that our Gael has been picked as the lead star in Zorro Reborn? Yay! This is his first lead role in an American production (produced by 20th Century Fox) and we hope it makes it a much bigger star in Hollywood. Can’t wait to watch it on the big screen.

gael garcia bernal diego luna friends in real life

Is there any chance 20th Century Fox will also cast Diego Luna for the movie? It would thrill the fans who discovered them in Y Tu Mama. The two, for those of you wondering, are friends in real life. Want more Latino Hunks?

Gael Garcia Bernal Underwear, Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend? Posted 8 February 2013.