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Gabriel LaBelle Girlfriend, Dating, or Married. Today in Young Actors in Hollywood, we bring you 20-year-old Canadian cutie Gabriel LaBelle who’s made waves recently when he played the role of Steven Spielberg in the director’s coming-of-age drama loosely based on his own life, The Fabelmans. Playing Spielberg earned our curly-haired actor eight acting trophies from several award-giving bodies like the National Board of Review, the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, and the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

gabriel labelle trophies

gabriel labelle awards

It also earned him a nomination at the Screen Actors Guild which, although he did not bring home the trophy, is quite a feat for someone who’s a relative newbie in the acting biz.

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In an interview with Interview Magazine, the actor had this to say about working with Spielberg: “I know what it is like to be the only Jewish kid in school, and I was never bullied like he was, but I know what that’s like. But I also know what it’s like to only want to do one thing. I’ve had very supportive people around me my whole life, but it’s just imagining: what would that be like if I was told not to do it? And what if I felt that I had to quit? I’m a child of divorce as well, and it happened when I was younger, and my parents have a great relationship. But Sammy is seeing his parents as people for the first time, and he’s judging them. And that’s really uncomfortable. I’ve done that. But I’m not so much older than Sammy. He’s going through a lot of firsts that I’m not so far ahead of. I’m fresh to what he’s going through and the realization that the world isn’t this easy place, that adults don’t have the answers, and that you really have to figure it out on your own.”

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Gabriel LaBelle Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Aside from The Fabelmans, another interesting project that kept the young actor in the headlines (or in the minds of gossipy bloggers like yours truly) is his role as the young Julian Kaye on the TV series, American Gigolo. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled after its first season but at least it gave us these shirtless photos of the actor.

gabriel labelle american gigolo

gabriel labelle underwear in american gigolo

gabriel labelle shirtless in gigolo

Gabriel LaBelle Gay or Straight? Girlfriend or Boyfriend? We have no idea if he’s dating anyone at the moment and we have no idea on who he likes to date but we will update this post when we do. Haha. For the time being, here are photos of the actor who, with his curly hair and all, kinda reminds us of adult actor James Deen.

gabriel labelle gay or straight

gabriel labelle hot

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