G Star Jackets for Girls: Celebrity Denim & Leather + Spring Collection

G-Star Jackets for Girls: Female Celebrities Wearing G-Star Jackets. Who among your favorite female stars were spotted in a jacket by G-Star? Well, here’s the gorgeous Liv Tyler rocking her G-Star Kubrick Rock Jacket. Last year, the Lord of the Rings star was hired by G-Star to headline their advertising campaign.

g-star jackets for girls liv tyler

Another famous girl who was spotted in a G-Star denim jacket is the Black Eyed Peas’ Stacy Ann Ferguson aka Fergie. Specifically, she’s wearing a G-Star Slim Tailor Denim Jacket.

g-star jackets for girls fergie

What do Fergie and Canadian Supermodel Linda Evangelista have in common? Well, they both like them their G-Star Slim Tailor Denim Jacket which is what Linda is wearing in this photo for V Magazine.

German Supermodel Heidi Klum also loves her her G-Star denim jacket but, unlike Fergie and Linda, hers is a different make, the G-Star Arc Denim Jacket.

heidi klum g-star jackets for girls

Of course, G-Star offers other jackets for the ladies that are not made of denims. For instance, check out Shannen Doherty and her badass G-Star leather jacket, specifically a G-Star Biker Collar Leather Bomber Jacket. Nice one, Shannen!

Oh, what did we tell you about G-Star and Twilight? Here’s another character of the silly vampire movie (Alice Cullen played by Ashley Greene) wearing a G-Star jacket, specifically a G-Star Laser Jacket. It actually looks pretty cool, to be honest.

g-star jackets for girls ashley green

Want more G Star fashion? Hmmm, you might want to check out these G-Star Raw Mens Underwear.


G-Star Jackets for Girls: New York Fashion Week (22 September 2010). Fabulous jackets for girls from the G Star Spring 2011 collection as modeled during the recently concluded New York Fashion Week. What do you think of these outfits? Do they suit your sense of what’s chic and fashionable? Or do you think they’re nothing remarkable and nothing to write home about?

g-star jackets for girls

g-star jackets for girls

G-Star Jackets for Girls: Female Celebrities Wearing G-Star Jackets. Posted 28 August 2011. Updated 23 May 2017.