French Mens Underwear: Rugby Hunks Sell Daunats

French Mens Underwear: Rugby Hunks Sell Daunats. Here’s a cool advertising concept featuring some of the hunkiest French rugby players in their underwear. Wouldn’t it be cool if sales clerks in sandwich stores are dressed only in short shorts or in their underwear when they are selling stuff. But what would be the coolest would be if rugby players are made to play in their skimpy (and maybe see-through) underwear.

french mens underwear daunats

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french mens underwear

We must admit that we were a little confused while looking at these photos. We were like, those are not doughnuts at all. Do the French call sandwiches doughnuts (or donuts)?

french mens underwear daunats advert

Turns out they are not really advertising donuts but a company called Daunat. Here’s what French wiki says about Daunat: “Daunat is a French agri- food company. The head office of the company and its factory are located in Saint-Agathon in the CĂ´tes-d’Armor department. In 2015, it is the leading company of industrial sandwich in France.”

So there. If you were confused with the photos. We hope were were able to help clarify your confusion. Anyhoo, here are more French rugby players advertising Daunat in their underwear.

This is our favorite of them all. Har. Har.

french mens underwear briefs are sexy

Are they playing rock, paper, scissors?

french mens underwear boxer shorts

Rugby players really are the hottest men in sports, no? It’s no wonder they are popular objects of desire in romance novels.

In 2009, the Huffington Post reported about how Mills and Boon teamed up with “rugby’s British governing body for a series of novels in which gorgeous women fall for athletic alpha males adept at making passes”.

Says book editor Jenny Hutton: “It’s good, clean fun. Women go to sport and watch it for the technical qualities of the game but there’s no denying there are quite attractive men running around on the pitch.”

If they need models to pose for the cover of these romance novels, they might want to check out the underwear-clad French rugby hunks selling Daunats.

French Mens Underwear: Rugby Underwear Hunks Sell Daunats. Posted 2 May 2010. Updated 1 June 2017.