Celebrities Wearing Gerard Darel Jackets and Coats

Celebrities Wearing Gerard Darel Jackets and Coats. We are updating this post to bring you more famous female celebrities who were spotted wearing jackets or coats by Gerard Darel. From the top: Jennifer Lopez, The Bachelor winner Cassie Randolph, Jessica Alba, and Lily Collins.

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Gerard Darel Maggie Coat in Rouge Baiser - cassie randolph

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Gerard Darel Leather Jacket on Lindsay Lohan & Other Celebrity Fans (19 January 2010). Lindsay Lohan’s life isn’t going swimmingly these days. Have you seen her Hawaii bikini photos? We were shocked by her thinness [See Lindsay Lohan bikini underwear photos]. Still, the fastly fading star sure knows how to pick a quality leather jacket which, in this case, is made by French fashion house Gerard Darel. As some of you already know, Gerard Darel is known not only for its “fabulousity” but for its high quality as well.

Gerard Darel Leather Jacket celebrity fans lindsay lohan

So its no wonder that aside from Lindsay, there are other famous celebrity fans of the brand that supposedly include the likes of Hilary Clinton, Charlize Theron, Meryl Streep, and many many more.

Okay, let’s check out the other celebrities who were also spotted in Gerald Darel outfits. Here’s the gorgeous German Supermodel and host of Project Runway, Heidi Klum. She’s wearing a Gerard Darel Printed Maxi Dress.

Next, here’s Emily Rossum wearing a Gerard Darel Leopard Printed Short Sleeve Dress to a red carpet event. [Want more celebrities wearing leopard print dresses?]

Twilight star Nikki Reed wearing a sequin sweater from the Gerard Darel Fall/Winter 2009 Collection.

Rachel Bilson keeps herself warm with the help of a Gerard Darel Marilyn sweater. [Want more celebrity sweaters? Check out these Celebrities Wearing Ralph Lauren Sweaters].

And lastly, here’s country star Taylor Swift rocking her Gerard Darel black trench coat.

By the way, the label has stores in 40 countries worldwide so you can get a Gerard Darel for yourself, if you live near these stores.

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