Freida Pinto Red Carpet Dresses

Freida Pinto Red Carpet Dresses. Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto may be a boyfriend-ditcher but there’s no doubt that the girl knows how to pick her red carpet dresses. She always looks stunning in her red carpet appearances. The bandage dress is super-fabulous. This is our favorite Freida Pinto dress to date.

She’s also looking great in the blue dress below.

Awww. This is a gorgeous dress.

freida pinto red carpet dresses

No wonder some Hollywood A-List actors reportedly want to have her as their leading lady. Good for you, Freida Pinto.


Freida Pinto: Vogue Magazine Cover Girl (26 February 2009). Hey look, it’s Freida Pinto on Vogue Magazine. Everything’s looking up roses for Freida as she makes her way to becoming a bonafide Hollywood movie star. As we noted earlier, she will soon star in a movie with Woody Allen. That’s something that lots of fans will look forward to. [Update: Sorry, we had to delete the photos.]

Freida Pinto in Woody Allen Movie (25 February 2009). “It” girl of the moment is reportedly going to star in Woody Allen’s next movie project. She would be starring alongside Hollywood A-Listers Josh Brolin, Naomi Watts and Anthony Hopkins. Wow.

Says Freida of her past and current good fortune: “I used to anchor a travel show in India, which is clearly not acting, and I had done a little bit of modelling. Both of those things helped me with the camera. I always wanted to act in films, but in India it’s very difficult to become an actress if you haven’t got a godfather: someone with influence, always a man, in the industry to help get you into auditions.”

Freida adds: “But I didn’t need a godfather for Slumdog. I just went along, did the audition with Dev and then Danny picked me. I have no idea whether acting is a future for me, but I would like to do more film work. The reaction to Slumdog has been beyond my wildest expectations.”

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