Frank Newbold Robbed G.oddess of Interior Design Masters

Frank Newbold Robbed Goddess of Interior Design Masters. We binged the BBC show Interior Design Masters on Netflix and, boy, are we disappointed with the result. It isn’t as big a travesty as the outcome of Blown Away aka Netflix’s glassblowing competition but, ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the show brought us this:

interior design masters bbc netflix

Seriously, is that the best you have Great Britain? Are you not embarrassed by the tackiness of the drapes hanging from the ceiling which reflects a very questionable taste level on the part of the designer?

Also, are we only the ones bothered by the winner’s mosaic during the restaurant challenge? We are referring to this:

interior design masters bbc netflix - restaurant mosaic

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

interior design masters bbc netflix - restaurant mosaic3

This mosaic — and the fact that it is very prominently located such that diners cannot avoid seeing it — is bothersome because it reminds us of construction rubble or the pile of rubbish made up of broken tiles and glasses which we often see in home makeover shows. It’s also reminiscent of bathrooms (where you do numbers one and two) and sidewalks (with hundreds of pedestrians stepping on them) and these are not exactly the images you want to conjure when you are serving food in a restaurant.

That the judges sang praises to this specific design “aesthetic” made us question whether they need to get some glasses. Granted, maybe you have to be there physically to appreciate how it looks but what restaurant wants to remind their diners of bathrooms, sidewalks, and construction rubble while they are eating?

We are not Chinese but we believe this look qualifies as bad feng shui, no? Broken tiles hanging over the head of diners, it’s like you are inviting death and bad luck.

bbc interior design masters

Anyhoo, Frank Newbold should have won in the finale but because he did not, we are calling him the first Robbed G.oddess of Interior Design Masters. Ju DePaula and Kyle Broughton were kinda robbed too but they did not make the finale so they ain’t getting the Robbed G.oddess title. Hehe. Here’s a pic of Frank we grabbed from his Instagram account which you might want to follow @franknewbold.

frank newbold interior design challenge

By the way, our friend Deena told us that she wanted to slap and kiss Frank while watching the series. She wanted to slap him because he is a bit of a trash talker who just has to say something critical about the other contestant’s designs. However, he turned into a sweetie towards the end of the show so she wanted to kiss him.