Frankie Morello Male Underwear Models: Men’s SexyWear and Swimwear 2014

Frankie Morello Male Underwear Models. Ever heard of Frankie Morello underwear? Yeah, we haven’t heard of it either. We only became aware of the brand when we saw an image of figure skater Stephane Lambiel wearing one (see bottom). So we decided to check out what Frankie Morello brand is all about and we found out that it is an Italian clothing brand which has been in existence since 1999.

frankie morello male underwear model - miguel iglesia 2013 campaign

Now Frankie Morello was not established by a guy named Frankie Morello but by two Italian designers named Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti. Why they decided to not use their own names a-la Calvin Klein, or Ralph Lauren, or Dolce & Gabbana is a question that we still have to find the answer. [Want more men’s underwear brands? Check out our post on Levi’s Male Underwear Models.]

But enough with backgrounders, we promised to give you male models in Frankie Morello underwear and we’re going to do just that. First up is the gorgeous Spanish model, Miguel Iglesias, who headlined the latest Frankie Morello 2013 underwear advertising campaign.

frankie morello male underwear model - miguel iglesia 2013 campaign2

Who doesn’t want to play with Miguel in his briefs? Hehe. Next up in our group of Frankie Morello male underwear models are Ryan Bertroche and Sebastian Sauve. The two are seen here with Caterina Ravaglia headlining the brand’s Fall/Winter 2011-2012 ad campaign.

The gorgeous Ryan Bertroche in Frank Morello briefs for Sexywear Fall/Winter 2010.

Julian Schratter, Marlon Teixeira, and Jamie Jewitt in Frankie Morello men’s swimwear.

julian schratter marlon teixeira and jamie jewitt - frankie morello runway

Another male model on the runway for Frank Morello.

Frankie Morello runway model - how much is his underwear 40-50usd

Latest Frankie Morello swimwear presented during the brand’s latest men’s fashion show for Spring/Summer 2014.

frankie morello mens ss2014 swimwear underwear

Hungarian male model Misa Patinszki with Luisa Bianchin for Frankie Morello’s Sexywear Spring/Summer 2012.

Are there any male celebrities who love them their Frankie Morello underwear? Well, as we mentioned earlier, Swiss figure skater Stephane Lambiel is the one who made us aware of this Italian clothing label. [See more of Stephane in our post about Sexy Male Figure Skaters.]

stephane lambiel - frankie morello underwear

We’re pretty sure there are other celebs out there who wear Frankie Morello. It’s underwear, after all, are pretty sexy. We will update this post in the future once we come across said celebs.