Francoise Boufhal Rio Ferdinand Magazine Model

Francoise Boufhal Rio Ferdinand Magazine Model. Meet Francoise Boufhal, a model rejected by several modeling companies because she is not thin like the other girls but who is now one of the faces of footballer Rio Ferdinand’s online lifestyle magazine.

We gotta give props to Rio for expanding his wings beyond football and for giving this girl the opportunity to do what she likes to do

francoise boufhal rio ferdinand magazine model

Anyways, here’s Francoise talking about her modeling experiences before she joined Rio’s online venture: “When I reached about 16 I stopped doing theatre and TV because every casting I went to I got knocked back for having such an unusual figure for such a young woman. I’m a 28H. Everything I went to I was told I was too glamorous and no one knew where to put me in things. I went on a quest for a lingerie job but my bust was too big for that even.”

Francoise adds: “I was offered loads of work but it was all to go topless and that was not what I wanted to do. It was so frustrating, but it made me even more determined to be known for who I was rather than just my looks. I thought no matter how many times you knock me back, I’ll keep going and sooner or later something will come along I’ll be good for.”

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Francoise Boufhal Modeling Updates
18 June 2011


Goly gee, our Francoise has improved her modeling profile from the time we last blogged about her. She was featured on FHM Magazine and was named as the #3 hottest woman ever by the people behind the mag. She did interviews for MTV featuring celebrities and car enthusiasts. And, most importantly, she now has a wikipedia page which is the ultimate sign that she has arrived. Hah! Take that silly people who rejected Francoise Boufhal in the past!

Francoise continues to be the face of Rio Ferdinand’s online magazine. Way to go, Francoise!