Worlds Best Wedding Cake Ideas and Other World’s Best Records

Worlds Best Wedding Cake Ideas and Other World’s Best Records. Looking for ideas on how to design your wedding cake particularly the wedding cake toppers? Well, we hope these humorous photos will give you some ideas. Our favorite is the first one below for obvious reasons. What about you, what is your favorite among these wedding cakes/cake toppers.

worlds best wedding cake ideas

worlds best wedding cake ideas football nfl

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Male Model Salary: How Much Money Do Male Models Make


Male Model Salary. How much money do male models make? Well, in 2013 the highest paid male model banked an estimated grand total of $1.5 million. It may be a small fraction compared to the earnings of top female supermodels but its nothing to sneeze at either. One point five million dollars is one point five million dollars, baby.

In case you are wondering, said male model who made the most money in 2013 is the gorgeous, hunky, shaggable, fabulous, and awesome American model that is Sean O’Pry. Not far behind in the earnings scale is our imaginary British boyfriend David Gandy (see David Gandy Underwear Modeling Photos).

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Worlds Richest People: Top 50 Billionaires List

Worlds Richest People: Top 50 Billionaires List. Who is the richest person in the world? The honor goes to Mexican Carlos Slim Helu and family whose wealth was valued by Forbes Magazine at US$53.5 billion.

worlds richest people carlos slim

Slim Helu is richer than Bill Gates, the richest American, by US$ 500 million. For other World List, check out our post on the World’s Most Powerful Women.

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World’s Most Powerful Women – 2008 – Forbes Magazine

Note: Okay, this is a very late post. I found it in my draft section; for whatever reason, I forgot all about it after making a draft post. Anyways, even though it’s no longer current it may still be relevant for those of you looking for this info.

And the world’s most powerful woman in 2008 is …….. “underwear model” and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This is according to Forbes Magazine and here’s the explanation for her top ranking:

With $3.3 trillion in GDP, Germany is Europe’s biggest economy, and Merkel’s reforms are sparking a rebound, with unemployment falling (although consumer confidence just hit a five-year low). She pushed through a later retirement age, put more women in senior government posts, and raised payments to new parents. Bulldozes through controversy: hosted the Dalai Lama, chastised Mugabe, and wants to make the euro a bigger player in global financial markets as the dollar wanes. Also trying to make Germany more eco-friendly with steep greenhouse-gas cuts. Europeans voted her their most influential politician. — Tatiana Serafin – [Forbes Magazine]

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How to Solve Sudoku: James Crook, Sudoku Killjoy

Look who’s being called a killjoy because he supposedly has a foolproof formula that will show us how to solve Sudoku? It’s American computer scientist James Crook, that’s who.

From the Daily Mail:

He probably thought he was being clever – but no one likes a smarty pants. So instead of being hailed a hero, the mathematician who reckons he’s come up with a formula to solve sudoku puzzles found himself being labelled a killjoy. Millions of us are teased and frustrated every day by sudoku number puzzles like the ones printed in this newspaper.

But American computer scientist James Crook has published a foolproof system which critics say takes the fun out of it all. In a nine-page theory on the American Mathematical Society’s website, he says the solution can be reached by following five logical steps.

Hmmm. We’re not sure we’d like to know Mr. Crook’s five logical steps. We’d rather solve our sudoku the conventional way. Solving sudoku is how we pass the time during a long bus ride, you know. We won’t be so inclined to bring sudoku along with us if it’s going to be that easy to solve.

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