Footballers in Jockstrap Underwear: Geoffroy Messina and Julien Arias

Footballers in jockstrap and their rugby-playing cousins are the coolest male athletes on earth, no? Okay, maybe they’re second to divers but its a very thin line that separates them. And we’re putting divers ahead mainly because we still have to see an athlete who can “out-awesome” Canadian diver Alex Despatie.

Anyway, since this post is about footballers and their jockstrap underwear, we think you’d like to see these Dieux du Stade photos of Geoffroy Messina and Julien Arias.

Julien is a French rugby player who currently plays for Stade Français Paris. Before joining Stade Francais Paris, Julien was with the US Colomiers club.

Julien Arias jockstrap photos:

Footballers in Jockstrap Julien Arias

Footballers in Jockstrap

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julian arias jockstrap

Meanwhile, Geoffroy also plays for Stade Français Paris. Here’s what his wikipedia page says about his rugby career and extracurricular pursuits: “Geoffroy Messina is a French rugby union footballer, born on May 29, 1982. He currently plays the center position. Messina started his career with FC Grenoble in 2001, and stayed with them for 2 years. In the end of 2002 he changed teams to play for ASM Clermont, until 2005.”

More about Geoffroy from wiki: “Since then he has played for Stade Français Paris. Messina earned the titles of Champion de France 2007, and Vice World Champion 1999. Messina also models on the side. He has appeared in the popular Dieux du Stade calendar since 2005.”

Geoffroy Messina in his jockstraps:


It’s interesting how looking at these photos made us “get” the appeal of jockstraps. When we first wrote about this particular type of underwear, this is what we said: “We don’t “get” the appeal of jockstraps but some folks are into it. Seriously, does it really serve a purpose other than as an underwear? It’s been marketed at one time as a necessity in sports but I read somewhere that it really doesn’t do anything and that whoever is behind the jockstrap craze is laughing all the way to the bank.”

We now realize that a jockstraps does serve a purpose. Hehe. Oh, and its also older than we initially thought. Check out these old jockstrap and vintage jockstrap advertisement from way back. Pretty cute, huh?

vintage jockstrap

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