Football Speedo Men: Soccer Players Rocking Their Swimsuits

Football Speedo Men: Soccer Players Rocking Their Swimsuits. It’s been six years since we published our post on Footballers in Speedos and we think it’s high time to come up with a second installment because, like you, we also love us our soccer boys in their briefs-style swimwear.

Let’s start with Brazilian football player Thiago Silva who currently plays for both the Brazilian national team as well as for the Paris Saint-Germain F.C. where he serves as the captain of the team.

football speedo hunks thiago silva brazil

Next in our list of Speedo-wearing soccer athletes is Spanish footballer Xavi Fernandez who played for FC Barcelona from 1998 to 2015. He’s now the manager of Qatar Stars League football club Al Sadd.

football speedo hunks Xavier Hernández former spanish player now manager of al sadd

Third in our list is Italian midfielder Francesco Savarise who’s seen in the pic below walkin’ in his black Speedo swimbriefs. Francesco is a midfielder for ACD San Tomasino.

football speedo hunks Francesco Savarise midfielder for ACD San Tommaso

Meanwhile, check out another Italian football player, Gioele Pierini, and his green Speedo swimsuit. Gioele is a forward for the SSD Argentina Arma.

football speedo hunks - Gioele Pierini forward for ssd argentina arma

We know we’ve already blogged about Francesco Totti and his Speedos but he is one of the greats of the sport so let’s have another photo of him, but this time he is rocking his red Speedos. The Golden Boy retired three years ago in 2017 and was awarded the Player’s Career Award and the UEFA President’s Award following his retirement. Said awards are well deserved, we must say.

football speedo hunks - francesto totti

Speaking of red Speedo suits, here’s Alessandro Garattoni chillin’ in his outfit. The defender plays for Imolese Calcio on loan from FC Crotone.

football speedo hunks Alessandro Garattoni defender for Ilomese Calcio on loan from crotone

Now, when it comes to the color of a man’s swim trunks, we have nothing but respect for those who are brave enough to wear white Speedos as Antonio Della Monica is doing below. Niiiicccceeee! Antonio is a left back for Vis Afragolese.

football speedo hunks - Antonio Della Monica left back for Vis Afragolese

Last but not the least in our list of soccer players rocking their Speedo suits is Luca Pipoli. The defender for AC Tuttoccoio is on a beach vacation but it looks like he misses kicking balls on the football pitch.

football speedo - Luca Pipoli defender for ac tuttoccuoio

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