Football Players in Speedo 2021 Edition

Football Playears in Speedo 2021 Edition. You love our post on Footballers in Speedos so, because we try to give our readers what they want, we decided to do another post featuring hunky football players who ain’t shy about wearing itty-bitty teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Hehe. Well, not yellow polka dot bikinis but you know what we mean.

Anyhoo, as in our previous post, the guys we are featuring here are real deal football players and not some models who don’t know a lick about football pretending to be footballers. Anyhoo, let’s start our list of 10 Hot Footy Hunks in Speedos with:

Emerson Palmieri. Originally from Brazil, Emerson currently plays for Chelsea FC as well as the Italian national team (he became an Italian citizen in 2017).

football players in speedo Emerson Palmieri

Henrique Dourado. Like Emerson above, Henrique is also from Brazil. His professional career as a football player began back in 2007 and he’s had stints with several Brazilian football clubs. Currently, he is with the Henan Jianye FC which is part of the Chinese Super League.

footballers in speedo Henrique Dourado

Javier Aviles is a Spanish football player who currently plays for CD Leganés as a right winger.

footballers in speedo JAVIER AVILES

Karlo Butic. These images of Karlo in his red swimsuit is probably our favorite in this post. The 22-year-old forward is from Croatia but is presently with the Italian football club Perdenone.

football players in speedo KARLO BUTIC

Luca Palmisano. A native of Palermo, Italy, midfielder Luca is playing for Paternò Calcio which he joined early this year.

footballers in speedo Luca Palmisano

Luis Figo. Who says retired football stars don’t wear no Speedos? Not our Portuguese daddy who, back when he was active, played for the Portuguese national team and big name clubs such as Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Inter Milan.

footballers in speedo luis figo

Simone Franchini. Like Luca above, Simone is also Italian. He is playing for Ravenna FC on loan from Padova.

footballers in speedo Simone Franchini

Antonio Floro Flores. The striker retired last year after 20 years of playing professional football which includes stints with Napoli, Perugia, Genoa, and Casertana. He is now the coach of Casertana U17.

footballers in speedo swimsuits Antonio Floro Flores

Ciro Immobile. Our Speedo-loving striker, who looks like Beckham in the photo below, plays for Lazio FC as well as the Italian football team.

football players in speedo swimsuits Ciro Immobile

Thomas Beattie. We wrote about about this British footballer when he came out last year. Go check him out in the link.

footballers in speedo Thomas Beattie

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