Artur Boruc Shirtlesss, Smoking, Girlfriend Sarah Mannei

Artur Boruc Shirtlesss, Smoking, Girlfriend Sarah Mannei. Is Polish footballer (and Celtic goalkeeper) Artur Boruc on his way to becoming a football glamor boy like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo? He’s got the looks and he seems to love and is loved by the camera, so its not unlikely that he becomes one of them football stars who model on the side.

Anyways, Artur is being featured as the cover boy of the Septermber 2009 Malemen, a magazine from his native Poland. He sure is smokin’ hot:

According to a source who attended the photoshoot, Artur looks as at home modeling as he does on the pitch and he’s “obviously not short of confidence and seems to enjoy being in front of the camera.”

That’s our boy! Of course we also know that he also seems to enjoy doing some girly hairstyling and dating Sara Mannei. Wonder if they’re still seeing each other.


Artur Boruc and Sara Mannei: Sitting on a Tree

19 Feb 2009

artur botuc girlfriend sara mannei

Artur Boruc seems to be saying to Sara Mannei: “Kiss me, baby”. We’d gladly do the kissin’, Mr. Boruc.

Artur Botuc Mystery Girl?
6 May 2009

artur botuc girlfriend

Who’s that girl Artur? And what’s up with the hairstyling? According to a source, who claims to be a friend of the mystery girl in the picture, Artur reportedly picked up this girl from a pizza place and spent the night with her.

The source tells The Sun: “They spent the night in the same room and the next morning, when my pal got up, he was sitting downstairs straightening her hair.”

More from the source: “She has pretty curly hair which Boruc teased her about when she got out of the shower in the morning. She asked if she could take a hat to wear because he has a cupboard full of hats. But he said there was straighteners if she wanted to use them. She said ‘cool’, and he said he’d do it for her because he enjoys it.”

Hmmm, maybe Artur can have a second career in hairstyling when he gets old and retire from football? Anyways, Artur and his girlfriend Sara Mannei (who lives with him) are denying the source’s account.

Artur Boruc Shirtless Photos
27 May 2011 Update

For those of you who are looking for shirtless pics of your favorite footballer. Looks like our boy loves to go sunbathing. Don’t overdo it Artur, too much sun can give you cancer.