Flag Underwear for Men Around the World (+Swimwear)

Want more American flag underwear for men? Of course you do! Everyone loves flag underwear for men. But this post ain’t only about flag underwear from the good old U.S. of A. We’re including some flag underwear (and swimwear) from the rest of the world too. Check ’em out:

Nic Palladino plays around town wearing nothing but his U.S. flag boxer shorts underwear.

american flag underwear for men - nic palladino

Patriotic long johns underwear, anyone? You should buy a pair for the cold winter nights.

flag underwear for men - long johns

Moises Garcia models a Union Jack briefs-cut swimwear in this photoshoot by Adrian C Martin for Manus Swimwear.

Want more British flag underwear? Here’s male model Ronnie Braithwait in his UK flag boxer briefs. We’re not loving his tattoos but we’re loving his undies.

Canadian diver Reuben Ross. Okay, this is really not a Canadian flag underwear. We tried our darndest best to find one but, unfortunately, can’t find any. But we did find this one which passes for Canadian because of the maple leaf. Hehe.

Singapore water polo players in their banana hammocks. This unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your POV) designed outfit was an internet sensation when its photos first cropped up online.

Greek water polo players in their blue and white Speedo swimsuits.

flag underwear - greek polo

Ain’t you glad these water polo athletes haven’t adopted the swim jammers like their competitive swimmer cousins?

spanish water polo team speedo

Of course, we can’t publish a post on mens flag underwear without including this fabulous Vanity Fair photo featuring some of the world’s best football players (from left to right): Dejan Stankovic of Serbia, Carlton Cole of England, Didier Drogba of the Ivory Coast, and Michael Ballack of Germany.

flag underwear for men football players vanity fair

Another photo published by Vanity Fair during the last World Cup. From left to right: Ghana’s Sulley Muntari, USA’s Landon Donovan, Brazil’s Kaka, Cameroon’s Samuel Eto’o, and Brazil’s Alexandre Pato.

flag underwear for men

A male model wears the Italian tri-color.

Did you know that the Netherlands’ flag is orange, white, and blue? Actually the Netherlands tri-color is red, white, and blue. What this male model is wearing is a Dutch historical flag known as the Prince’s flag. The things we learn on the internets, no?

So what’s your favorite flag underwear for men?