Fin Argus Shirtless, Boyfriend, Girlfriend in Real Life?

Fin Argus Shirtless, Boyfriend, Girlfriend in Real Life? Aside from Devin Way, another actor who’ll be appearing in the reboot of Queer As Folk is 23-year-old hottie Fin Argus. A native of Des Plaines, Illinois, Fin has been in the acting biz since 2011 and QAF is his 21st acting gig per IMDB.

fin argus underwear - tank top shirt

Anyhoo, here’s what he wrote for his Instagram followers (follow him @finargus), after his casting for the iconic show was announced on the day of his birthday (i.e., 01 September): “BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER! this my face after crying so many gay tears of joy over the last month and finally being able to let y’all know today of all days, i’m a part of the series regular cast for the new Queer As Folk!!!! AHHH. it’s an honor and liberation to be a part of such a talented group of fellow queer people to tell our own stories. prepare ur loins girls and gays we’re coming for ya!!! xoxo”

Fin Argus Boyfriend? Relationship Status? So, as you may have noted in the above post, our Fin is out as out can be so we do not have to ask the “is he ghey” question which we usually do here in Famewatcher. What we do have to ask are, “Who is his beau? Does he even have a beau? Or is he single and looking? Is he single and not looking?”

At this point, we do not have the answers for you but we will update this post once we do have the information. For the time being, let us just appreciate his tank top looks shall we?

fin argus hot in tank top shirt

fin argus muscle shirt

He looks good in a dress too!

fin argus wearing a dress

Or when he’s going shirtless!

fin argus gay in real life or not

fin argus hot in shorts

fin argus shirtless body

fin argus boyfriend or girlfriend

fin argus shirtless

For those wondering, Fin is actually not his first name but his nickname. Initially, he went with his first name (i.e., Steffan) when he was new in the biz but eventually decided to go by his nickname.

He tells us why in his interview with Schon Magazine: “Fin is a nickname that for a long time only my dad and little sister called me. The name came to hold a special place in my heart and ultimately felt more like me. More and more friends started calling me ‘Fin’ over the years. As I’ve been coming into myself and breaking down bounds that limit my self-expression, I’ve begun to realise that name resonates deeply with what I represent artistically. Embracing that name gives me a sense of freedom to be exactly who I want to be and know I am and continue to explore what feels like the truest sense of self.”

fin argus gay or straight

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