Ferry Doedens Gay Dutch Singer Actor and Boyfriend Nuno Azevedo

Ferry Doedens Gay Dutch Singer Actor and Boyfriend Nuno Azevedo. It’s time for another Dutch hunk and this time let us ogle at the sexy masculinity of singer, actor, and male model Ferry Doedens who recently ruled the runway modeling Muchachomalo underwear at the Amsterdam Fashion Week.

ferry doedens shirtless gay model

He sure is looking good in his Muchachomalo tight briefs.

ferry doedens - dutch male underwear model MUCHACHOMALO_AFWF13_0047

Of course, our gay Dutch boy is rocking his boxer shorts too. We thought he’s holding a protest sign (or gay rights advocacy sign) or something but it turns out that its just a placard for the underwear label, Muchachomalo which reportedly means “bad boy” in Spanish.


For those of you who are wondering, yes Ferry Doedens is gay [our gay friend Kevin says: Yeah!] and yes he has a boyfriend [Kevin says: Oh, noes!]. From Ferry’s wikipedia entry (translated thru Google Translate):

In the spring of 2009, Doedens cast in the role of the gay character Luke Sanders in the daily soap opera Good Times, Bad Times . During his introductory interview Doedens emphasized that he himself openly gay.

Ferry is in a relationship with Nuno Azevedo. We understand, though we may be mistaken, that Nuno is also a singer and an actor. Nuno and Ferry were spotted vacationing at the Spanish island of Ibiza last year.

ferry boyfriend nuno

They sure look good together! Nuno is the cute one while Ferry is the tall one.

ferry doedens boyfriend is Nuno Azevedo.jpg

Who’s been working out and who’s been parking his butt on the couch? Looks like Ferry has spent more time at the gym than his boyfriend, no?

ferry doedens gay lover boyfriend Nuno Azevedo

Does Nuno remind you of another celebrity? Peter Andre perhaps? And there’s a little Mario Lopez in the way he smiles. Check him out as he shirtless and wet at the beach. Want more hot guys in wet beach shorts?


Ferry Doedens Gay Dutch Singer Actor and Boyfriend Nuno Azevedo. Posted 26 January 2013.