Fernando Alonso Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch

Fernando Alonso Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watch. Include Formula One racing driver Fernando Alonso to your list of celebrities with Tag Heuer watches. Fernando may be boyish looking but this hunky Spanish racer is a badass in the racetrack with two world champion titles to his name. He’s a polyglot too: he speaks Spanish, English, Italian, and French. And, before you start hating him because he’s a guy with everything, you might be interested to know that he also do good things like being a UNICEF ambassador.

fernando alonso tag heuer

Alonso posing with his Tag Heuer watch.

fernando alonso tag heuer watch

fernando alonso tag heuer watch formula one

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fernando alonso tag heuer watch2

fernando alonso tag heuer watch

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Update, 15 June 2011: Since we wrote this last year, our Spanish racing champ has added four more titles to his name following wins at the Bahrain Grand Prix, the Singapore Grand Prix, the German Grand Prix, and the Korea Grand Prix bringing his career wins to date to a total of 26 wins.

Fernando Alonso Girlfriend. Now, some of you are wondering whether Fernando Alonso has a girlfriend and if he has, what is her name. To answer your question, he does not have a girlfriend but he had an ex-girlfriend named Raquel del Rosario. We say he’s an “ex-girlfriend” because the two are now married so she’s no longer his girlfriend but his wife. The two married in 2006. Here are some pictures of the loving couple.

fernando alonso girlfriend

fernando alonso rauel del rosario

Raquel is a celebrity in her own right. She’s the vocalist of the Spanish band band El Sueño de Morfeo (Morpheus’ Dream) which boasts of several hits in the Spanish charts.

Fernando Alonso Tag Heuer Formula One Advert: Check out this video of Fernando and his Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch. Pretty nifty? Or too long and kinda boring?

Okay, let’s end this update by answering some of your questions about Fernando

How tall is Fernando Alonso? IMDB (Yes, he has an IMDB page) lists his height at 5′ 7½” or 1.71 meters.

His birthday? 29 July 1981 which makes him a Leo.

His full name? Fernando Alonso Diaz. He’s also got two nicknames: Magic Alonso and El Nano.

His hometown? Oviedo, Asturias, Spain. Not surprisingly, Oviedo is where the Alonsomanía fan phenomenon started which swept the rest of the country following Fernando’s first-ever Formula 1 Championship victory. Alonsomania, in the words of urbandictionary, is the “insane passion about everything to do with Fernando Alonso”. It sometimes take the form of fan girls looking for our Fernando.

fernando alonso alonsomania

Fanboys crying when their idol does not do well in his races.

fernando alonso alonsomania

Crowds and crowds and their congratulatory banners.

alonsomania fernando alonso

And a lot of flag waving of both the Spanish flag and the Asturias flag.

Even the nuns (okay, maybe they’re not actually nuns) are infected with Alonsomania! Why shouldn’t they?

alonsomania fernando alonso

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