Demi Moore Underwear, Birthday Suit, Vanity Fair Photos

Demi Moore Underwear, Birthday Suit, Vanity Fair Photos. Look who’s posting photos of his wife in her underwear on Twitter? It’s Ashton Kutcher. My bad, Ashton. Don’t you have better things to do? Didn’t we ask you earlier to post your very own Brazilian waxing video instead?

demi moore underwear

demi moore bikini

This Demi Moore underwear from the set of Charlie’s Angels is much better than Ashton’s photo above, no? She’s a real badass in here. She ain’t messing around that’s for sure.

demi moore underwear charlies angels

Well, you gotta be a badass to pose in your birthday suit during your pregnancy which she did for the very controversial Vanity Fair cover shoot. This photo is really iconic and its easy to understand how it is much-copied as well as much-parodied.

demi moore vanity fair pregnant

Kevin was wondering as to who Demi was she pregnant with when she posed for this photo. According to wikipedia, it’s her second kid, Scout LaRue Willis who now looks like this. Scout is one of the few kids we ever saw who equally resembles both her father and her mother. Wow.

demi moore pregnant child scout la rue

Anyhoo, since we are talking about the “badassness” of Demi Moore, she followed up her controversial Vanity Fair cover photo with an equally controversial photo wearing nothing but body paint. Here’s what we are talking about.

demi moore birthday suit body painting

We gotta say this about Demi Moore, she’s one of the few people out there when they say “I’m getting naked for the sake of art” really does do it for the sake of art.

Oh wait, maybe we spoke to soon? This is not for the sake of art, right? But, to be fair, she’s actually wearing a two-piece bikini in these pics so she’s not totally nekkid.

Want more female celebrity underwear? Or maybe you’re more interested in her husband, Ashton Kutcher’s underwear?

Demi Moore Underwear, Birthday Suit, Vanity Fair Photos. Posted 28 March 2009.