Felix Mallard Shirtless, Speedo, Gay or Girlfriend, Locke and Key

Felix Mallard Shirtless, Speedo, Gay or Girlfriend, Locke and Key. We told you Locke and Key starts streaming today, right? While waiting for the show to drop, we came across this photo of Felix Mallard looking fly in a suit while attending the premiere of the Netflix series in Hollywood. [Want more hot men in suits?]

hot boys in suits felix mallard

Now, for non-Australians, this may be the first time you are hearing of Felix but he’s got pretty popular in the Land Down Under as he starred on the soap Opera Neighbours from 2014 to 2018. He was also one of the leads on the CBS show Happy Together but, sadly, the network did cancelled the show after its first initial 13 episodes.

Felix Mallard Shirtless Photos. Our Aussie hunk looks good in a suit but he looks hawt when he chucks off his most of his clothes as he does in this scene from Neighbours where he’s wearing a pair of swimming shorts. This is for those of you looking for Felix in his Speedo.

We can hear our friend Kevin say, “Huh. What Speedo? He’s not wearing a Speedo?” Well, Kevin, the Aussie hottie may not be wearing briefs-style Speedos but the company makes lots of other things these days such as swim shorts like the one Felix is wearing!

felix mallard speedo swimsuit

But here are some shirtless photos of our 21 year old Melbourne native.

felix mallard body

Next pic below is what Kevin calls “geek hot”. We grabbed this from his Instagram page which you might want to follow @itsfelixwhat.

felix mallard shirtless hot geek

We’ve said this before and we will say it again, we love men who leave their chest hair unshaved. Props to you, Felix!

felix mallard shirtless open shirt

Is he removing his shirt in a dark alley? Ain’t that kind of risky?

felix mallard shirtless body

Shirtless at the beach with some pals.

felix mallard shirtless with friends

Felix Mallard Gay or Straight? Relationship Status? We do not know whether he is gay or straight but we will update this post once we have the relevant information. We also do not know whether he is in a relationship at the moment. Onscreen though, he dated Lilly Van Der Meer on Neighbours. We will update this post if he’s got a girlfriend in real life.

felix mallard girlfriend Lilly Van Der Meer on neighbours

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