Federica Pellegrini Boyfriend, Vanity Fair, and Fashion Style

Federica Pellegrini Boyfriend, Vanity Fair, and Fashion Style. Italian swimmer Federica Pellegrini is a golden girl in the pool and on the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine. How cool is that? Very cool, indeed. Here’s Federica after she established a world record in the 400 meter freestyle breaking the 4 minute barrier in the process.

federica pellegrini

And here’s Federica as the golden cover girl of the Italian edition of Vanity Fair. How would you compare Federica to either Tatiana Golovin or Maria Sharapova? Who’s the hot, hotter, hottest among the three of them?

UPDATE, 18 June 2011. We are doing this update to answer some of your google questions on this beautiful Italian swimmer. Some of your questions are as follows:

Federica Pellegrini Boyfriend. Some of you are asking questions like “who is Federica Pellegrini’s boyfriend” or “does Federica have a boyfriend” or “is federica pellegrini dating” or “is federica italian swimmer married” and other similar queries. Well, Famewatchers, Federica is not married but she does have a boyfriend named Luca Marin. Luca is also an Italian swimmer who used to date another swimming champion, Laure Manaudou of France.

Luca and Federica hooked up in 2008 and are still dating according to a swimnews.com story. Here are some photos of the beautiful couple. Federica Pellegrini and Luca Marin at the Venice Film Festival.

federica pellegrini boyfriend sexy luca

The lovebirds in Diva e Donna, an Italian magazine.

federica pellegrini luca marin

Damn, can we still this Federica Pellegrini boyfriend without being arrested? Joke.

federica pellegrini boyfriend luca marin

Interestingly some of you are looking for “Federica Pellegrini in leather”. We think you are looking for photos of the swimmer in leather outfits such as jackets and pants and underwear but we, unfortunately, don’t have such photos. But we do have this picture of Federica and her leather bag. Hehe. It’s a photoshoot for Borse Carpisa which, from what we understand, is an Italian brand that produces bags and other accessories.

Federica Pellegrini World Records. Some of you are interested in Federica’s world records in swimming. According to wikipedia, our Federica currently holds three world records for the following events: 200 m freestyle (1:52.98, long course), 400 m freestyle (3:59.15, long course), and 200 m freestyle (1:51.17, short course). [For the non-swimming geeks among us, long course is 50 meters while short course is 25 meters.]

Aside from her world records, Federica also boasts of a gold medal from the 2008 Beijing Olympics (for the 200 meter freestyle) and another gold medal from the 2009 World Championships where she became the first female swimmer to break the four-minute barrier in the 400 meter freestyle.

Federica Pellegrini Underwear / Bikini Photos. Okay, this is for the Famewatchers who are looking for some Federica underwear or bikini photos. We actually don’t have any underwear pics but this bikini pics would be more than sufficient, no?

federica pellegrini bikini model

federica pellegrini model

Now, what struck us most about Federica while we are looking at her pictures is her impeccable sense of style. She’s always put together whatever she’s wearing. Either she has an excellent stylist or maybe she’s just gifted with an innate sense of fashion and what style works for her. We suspect it’s the latter. She’s a gifted fashionista.

Check out her outfits below to see what we are talking about. She looks great whether she’s wearing a dress, a tuxedo jacket, or a fabulous long coat.

federica pellegrini dress

federica pellegrini model jacket

federica pellegrini suit

federica pellegrini casual

Federica Pellegrini Boyfriend, Vanity Fair, and Fashion Style. Posted 27 July 2009.