Faux Fur Coats for the Ladies: Vintage and Recent Faux Fur

Faux Fur Coats for the Ladies: Vintage and Recent Faux Fur. “Fur coats shouldn’t be made of fur” declares this vintage ad for Timme-Tation faux fur featuring Hollywood icons Doris Day, Amanda Blake, Angie Dickinson, Jane Meadows, and Mary Tyler Moore. Agree or disagree with the ad?

faux fur coats vintage

Of course we should agree! Do you really want to wear dead animal stuff on your back? Eww! More importantly, you don’t want them crazies from PETA to be running after you, no?

UPDATE: Designer Faux Fur Coat for Fall/Winter. Hmmm. Let’s update this post to bring you more current faux fur coats particularly those sold by your favorite fashion designers for the fall/winter season.

First up is this fabulous leopard print faux fur coat from the Simone Rocha Fall/Winter Women’s Wear Collection. This should be sufficient to keep you warm this winter, no?

Faux Fur Coats for Women - Simone Rocha Fall Wintr 2013-2014 Collection

For some reason, this black Giorgio Armani faux fur coat from the label’s Fall/Winter Collection reminds us of Russian movies and Radagast the Brown in The Hobbit moveis. [Deena says: It actually reminds me of Rasputin which is not a good thing.]

faux fur coats by giorgio armani

Look who’s warm and comfy in her Christian Dior Faux Fur Coat? It’s Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester. Do you think Blair Waldorf will approve of Leighton’s fashion choice?

leighton meester WEaring Christian Dior Faux Fur Coat

Nicole Scherzinger, who is a bigger star in the UK than in the U.S. is wearing a Topshop faux fur coat. It’s reportedly made of 80% modacrylic and 20% acrylic.


Faux Fur Coats for Women: Vintage and Recent Designer Faux Fur. Updated 5 June 2017. Original post date is 22 August 2010.