Famous People Wearing Rolex Watches

Famous People Wearing Rolex Watches. Who among the famous people in the world love them some Rolex watch? We came up with a list of Ten Rolex Watch Lovers who are famous in their specific field and in the eyes of the general public. We begin our list of Famous People Wearing Rolex Watches with a revolutionary icon: Che Guevara. For those of you wondering, he is wearing a Rolex GMT Master Watch.

famous people wearing rolex watch Che-Guevara-Rolex GMT-master

Since we began our list with a famous person from the past, let’s add another Rolex wearer who earned his place in the history books: Martin Luther King. He is wearing a Rolex Datejust Yellow Gold Watch in the pic below.

Martin-Luther-King-Yellow Gold Rolex Datejust

From the world of politics, let’s check out Rolex-wearing famous people from the world of sports and who better to represent than tennis great Roger Federer. He is wearing a Rolex Day Date Watch.

roger federer rolex - Rolex Day-Date II

Of course, famous men aren’t the only ones who love them their Rolex watches. Famous women are into Rolex too. Case in point: Vanessa Redgrave who’s wearing a Rolex Submariner Watch in the next pic below.

famous people wearing rolex Vanessa redgrave rolex submariner

Fifth in our list of Famous People Wearing Rolex Watches is football icon Pele who is wearing a Rolex Day Date watch in this pic with David Beckham.

famous people wearing rolex watch Pele Rolex Day Date

What Rolex watch is multi-awarded actor Tom Hanks wearing? That’s a Rolex Explorer Watch, baby. Want more Actors With Rolex?


Another famous woman who loves her her Rolex watch is Sharon Stone. She loves Rolex so much she’s wearing two: a Rolex Submariner and a Rolex Datejust.

Sharon-Stone-Rolex submariner and datejust

Actor, bodybuilder, Speedo-wearer, former California Governor, and future host of The Apprentice Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Rolex-wearer too.

Arnold & Rolex 2

Owen Wilson may chuck off his shirt but there is no way he is not wearing his Rolex Submariner watch to the beach.


Like Owen, music legend Bruce Springsteen is also wearing a Rolex Submariner watch.


Let’s end this post with ex-pro wrestler and Gawker conqueror Hulk Hogan and his Rolex Yachtmaster watch.


So what do you think of our list of Ten Famous People Wearing Rolex Watches? Anyone we should have added to the list?

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