Famous Men Wearing Ellen Underwear: Hollywood Celebrity List

Famous Men Wearing Ellen Underwear. Let’s add to our entries on male celebrity underwear and let us focus on celebrities who were seen wearing Ellen Underwear. Actually, we mentioned these guys in the previous posts but we think it would be cool if we somehow centralize ’em. We begin our list with one of our favorite oldters, Martin Sheen.

famous men wearing ellen underwear - martin sheen

Ludacris and Ellen show the fans his Ellen underwear.

ludacris underwear by ellen

Singer Jake Miller takes a selfie in his Ellen underwear. Want more Jake? Go check out this Jake Miller shirtless post we posted two years ago.

famous men wearing ellen underwear - jake miller

The Wanted’s Siva Kaneswaran proves that he is a proud member of the Male Celebrity Ellen Underwear Club.

Siva Kaneswaran underwear - ellen

Who’s the guy wearing Ellen underwear in the next photo below? It’s Creed actor Michael B. Jordan. He tweeted the pic to his Twitter followers when he guested on the Ellen Degeneres Show last year.

michael b jordan underwear - ellen boxer briefs

Finally, last but not the least in our list of famous men wearing Ellen underwear is our imaginary Welsh boyfriend Steve Jones. Is someone teaching him how to take a selfie? Looks like that’s what’s happening here, no? Maybe he will take a selfie in his Ellen underwear? And maybe, like Michael B above, he will share his underwear pic to his followers.

steve jones underwear - ellen boxers


David Beckham in Ellen’s Underwear
08 September 2009

Do you think the Emporio Armani people will get mad at Ellen Degeneres for “dressing” their underwear model David Beckham in her Ellen underwear?

famous men wearing ellen underwear - david beckham

We don’t think so. Ellen can get away with this kind of prank. If she can get herself on the cover of Oprah Magazine, then she can do this kind of thing. Go, Ellen. Go, David.

Note: Okay, we know that the image is photoshopped so don’t kill us in the comments.