Mike Holmes Jr Shirtless Construction Hunk

Mike Holmes Jr Shirtless Construction Hunk. If we came across these shirtless pics of Mike Holmes Jr earlier, we would have included him in our post on Celebrity Construction Workers. We were thinking of including him in an update but decided to do a whole post on the guy because we reckon not a lot of you know our Canadian hunk.

So Famewatchers, say hi to Mike Holmes Jr, one of the stars of the home improvement reality show Holmes Family Effect which started airing last night on Fox TV. The show is actually a Canadian import and Mike is veteran in this genre because he’s been starring in home improvement shows since 2005.

Mike Holmes Jr young and hot

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Celebrity Construction Workers: From the Trades to Hollywood

Celebrity Construction Workers. Want more hot male construction workers? Of course you do. Ever since that YMCA song came out ages ago, construction workers have become an embodiment of manliness that thirsty hos — be they gheys or gals — like to ogle at. Haha.

Anyhoo, this post isn’t only about hunky men who do construction work. Rather, we are listing famous celebrities who, at some point in their lives, were legit construction workers. Let’s begin our list with:

Joe Manganiello who worked as a construction worker before he made it big in the movies as a “construction worker”. Check him out wowing the fans in this scene from Magic Mike:

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Work Jeans For Men: Kekoa Nalu Construction Jeans

Work Jeans For Men: Kekoa Nalu Construction Jeans (posted 5 February 2010, updated). What group of men looks great in denims while they are at work? Well, we give our vote to male construction workers (or, in the case of Kekoa Nalu, male models posing as construction workers).

Seriously, can you think of any other guys who rock their jeans while going about their work better than construction hunks. Lawyers certainly don’t look good in them. Haha. Neither do male ballet dancers. Joke. Joke. Anyhoo, let’s appreciate Kekoa looking hot AF in his denims, shall we?

work jeans for men

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Hot Construction Workers

Hot Construction Workers. A cute construction worker with six-pack abs? What’s not to like? Seriously, we like us our men with all them muscles in the right places. We especially love, love, love them if they go shirtless as this guy does. Now, is this a cowboy or is he a construction worker? Probably he’s one of those multi-talented men who can both be cowboys and construction workers.

hot construction workers - shirtless abs

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Matthew Noszka: Construction Worker to Male Model and Actor

Matthew Noszka: Construction Worker to Male Model and Actor. It’s time we feature another hot construction worker and, for this post, let’s focus on a young gorgeous guy named Matthew Noszka who was doing construction work one day and was modeling in runway shows the next. How cool is that? Check out this hunky Pittsburgh native at a construction site with his dad:

hot construction worker - Matthew Noszka

So how did Matthew turn from a hot construction worker to a model? Well, some agent from Wilhelmina saw the above photo on Matthew’s Instagram account and signed him up as a model. How cool is that? Matthew himself shared the story on how he became a model in an article for Cosmopolitan Magazine.

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