Hot Muscle Firemen With Washboard Ab Muscles

Those of you who are fans of muscled firemen would loooove these photos. We’re not sure if these boys are from the famed NY Fire Department where fireman turned model Michael Biserta came from or from another fire department. We’re pretty sure though that these guys spend a lot of time lifting weights in the gym and doing some abs crunching.

Stan McQuay Asian Body Builder as Underwear Model

Stan McQuay asian bodybuilder

Stan McQuay Asian Body Builder as Underwear Model. Wow. What a hunk with all them totally taut muscles and all. In case you are going, “Who’s the hottie?”, the guy’s name is Stan McQuay. He must be Asian but he is a McQuay so he must also be Irish. Wait, is it the Irish or the Scottish who have Mc’s in their names? We think it’s the Scots. The Irish have O’s in their name like O’Leary. Apologies for our cluelessness. Hehe.