Beefy Muscle Men: Vintage Hollywood and Modern Bodybuilders

beefy muscle men of hollywood steve reeves hercules

Beefy Muscle Men: Vintage Hollywood and Modern Bodybuilders. After Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is there any other Hollywood actor, particularly among the up-and-coming set, who have the physique of stocky muscled men in the mold of sculpted celebrities in the past?

Arnold Schwarzenegger Speedo, Posing Trunks, Underwear Photos

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger speedo

Arnold Schwarzenegger Speedo, Posing Trunks, Underwear Photos. While browsing Reddit, we came across the photo below of a young Arnold walking in public in nothing but a pair of skimpy Speedos. Apparently, this was a marketing ploy to promote a Munich gym which was the home gym of the up-and-coming bodybuilder when he moved to the German city from Austria. He was reportedly only 20 years old at this time but is already sculpted in all the right places.

Zeb Atlas Muscle Hunk is a Recording Artist Too

zeb atlas muscle hunk as roman gladiator

Zeb Atlas Muscle Hunk (throwback post, originally published 20 December 2008). With all the muscles carefully and meticulously sculpted in his body, Zeb Atlas certainly looks like he can live up to the reputation of his namesake, no? Well, no human can really be as strong as mythological gods and titans but it would be cool to see a photo of the the model/actor carrying the world like the way Atlas does.

Bill Reilich Shirtless + Underwear: Ellen’s Gardener Nick – Gay or Girlfriend?

bill reilich underwear - boxer briefs - ellen degeneres gardener

Bill Reilich Shirtless Muscle Hunk. Oh my. Look at all them muscles on Ellen Degeneres’ gardener Nick aka Bill Reilich. What is his workout routine like to get all those hard biceps and abs and glutes and everything we wish for in our man?

Austrian Hunks: Hot Construction Workers and Stripteasing Rugby Stars

Okay, this one is for those of you who are fans of muscled construction workers. Damn, these guys got great six pack abs don’t they? Photos are from the Baukalendar 2011 which features sexy hunky men from Austria. We don’t know yet whether these guys are models or are real construction workers. What do you think? More…