Regine Velasquez Celebrity Ranking

So how does Regine Velasquez rank as a celebrity. Is she an A-Lister like Kris Aquino, a B-Lister like Sam Milby, a C-Lister like Ruffa Gutierrez? What do you think? Sino ang ka-level ni Regine. Imposible naman na si Chynna Ortaleza na nasa D-List or si Bugz Daigo na nasa E-List.

By now, you might be familiar with how we do the rating. If you are not yet familiar, then these are the things we look at: fan base, body of work, talent, achievements, current projects, and media buzz. Based on these factors we believe that Regine Velasquez is an A-List celebrity. In other words, magka-level sila ni Kris Aquino. Are you wondering why? Here’s why!

Fan Base: There’s no doubt that Regine Velasquez has a huge following. Ang laki ng kanyang fan base and we are talking here about fans who are willing to defend her and who support her projects. No wonder she has become a multi-media star with all those fans backing her up.

Her concerts sell, her movies are hits, her television shows have high ratings. These things happen because Regine has a big fan base (maybe one of the biggest among Pinoy celebrities).

Body of Work: The first time that Regine really caught our attention was when she won that Asia-wide singing contest where she represented the Philippines. Of course, she also won awards before that contest and more awards later but that was when she registered in our radar. No doubt, Regine’s place in the history of Philippine music is secure.

Regine’s talent as an actress is not as great as her singing talent but her acting is passable. Maybe she doesn’t shine so much in the acting field because she has limited her roles to romantic comedies which really does not expand her range as an actress.

Interestingly, Regine received a Best Actress award for playing a mentally challenged woman in the TV drama Maalaala Mo Kaya. Do you think this means that Regine can do more challenging roles if she wants to and be good at it? We think so!

Regine is also a capable host. She can be irritating at times but she seems to have a good sense of humor. Unlike Ruffa G, who is just too self-obsessed to be a good host, Regine knows how to focus on her guests in the manner that good hosts should do.

Talent: Although she started in the biz as a singer, Regine has proven herself to be a good actress as well as a good TV host. This makes one of only few Filipino celebrities who are multi-talented and makes her a multi-media star. Since Regine is more of a singer, it’s understandable that she is ,

Achievements: So we already mentioned her Asia-contest award and her TV Best Actress award right? Apparently, she also won awards as a program host. Visit this wikipedia page which has a list of awards and recognitions received by Regine.

Current Projects: Regine is one of the major talents of GMA-7. She currently hosts two top rating shows of said station: Pinoy Pop Superstar and S.O.P. Regine is one busy woman with a lot of projects going on.

Media Buzz: Following her and Ogie Alcasid’s admission of their adulterous relationship, the recent buzz on Regine has not been positive. But surprisingly, it’s also not negative. The buzz nos is very different from l’affaire Ariel Rivera where Regine was criticized from different sides.

Ngayon, it’s like “Ho hum, andiyan na naman si Regine falling in love with a man attached to another woman”. Pero ganun lang. Kami lang yata ang nag-criticize sa kanya.

OVERALL K (Karapatan) Meter:
Rock or suck: She rocks. But we still don’t like the fact that she is parading her adulterous relationship with Ogie, so we are giving her a rockage rating of 5 out of 10 (10 being the highest),

Hot or not: Hot. It would be impossible for a multi-media talent like Regine to be not hot. Although, for us at least, her hotness dimmed a little with that Ogie Alcasid thing.

Star Rating: Like Kris Aquino, Regine belongs to the creme de la creme of Filipino celebrities, the A-List.