Dennis Trillo Celebrity Rating: B-List on The Verge of A-List

Hello, FameWatchers! Let’s continue rating Pinoy celebrities. This time, let’s see where Dennis Trillo ranks in our star power list. Saan sa tingin ninyo?

As we have done with others, we will analyze Dennis’ star power or K-Meter ( as in meron ba siyang Karapatan?) by looking at his fan base, body of work, talent, achievements, current projects, and media buzz. Here it goes:

Fan Base: Definitely may fan base si Dennis. It may not be as big as Sam Milby’s but Dennis’ fan base is also impressive because it is more diverse. From where we sit, these groups compose Dennis’ fanbase:

a) young girls who like their idols cute and clean looking,
b) women who like their young girls to marry a cute and clean boy someday,
c) gays who fantasize about guys who are cute and clean looking, and
d) girls, guys, gays, women, men, etc who appreciate good acting.

The last group is where Dennis has an advantage over Sam because Sam still has to gain the kind of fans who support an actor because they appreciate his acting. Eh si Sam, because he is new in the biz, he still has to prove his acting chops.

Body of Work:
Bata pa itong si Dennis pero meron na siyang maipagmamalaki in this area. The films where he was cast did well in the box office, he earned good reviews and awards for his acting, he can sing reasonably well, and he has tons of commercial endorsements.

Dennis’ acting award in the movie Aishite Masu will be appreciated by film lovers years from now because that movie is a good movie which will stand the test of time.

Talent: Here’s how we view Dennis’ talents: Can dance? Check (a little bit). Can host? Check (he can give Paolo Bediones a run for his money if he wanted to). Can sing? Check (meron siyang band di ba). Can act? Check, check, check, check.

So, if you will notice, maraming talents itong si Dennis. But it is in the acting department where he really excels. He can also do well in other fields, particularly hosting, if he decides to focus on them.

Achievements: The biggest achievement for Dennis so far is the numerous acting awards he received in Aishite Masu, where he was cast as a gay man and where he made kissy kissy with Jay Manalo.

Dennis is also one of the main draws of GMA’s top rating shows particularly Mulawin (he was the only one who can act credibly of the three young leads), Darna, Majika, Etheria, and Super Twins.

Current Projects: Dennis is one busy man. He is a mainstay of GMA’s SOP and we’re sure that GMA will continue to give him projects as long as he wants to have projects with the station.
Dennis is also a commercial model for tons of products. Proof that he is a good and bankable product endorser is the fact that the manufacturers of Kotex, a feminine napkin, took him as their model for a TV commercial.

Media Buzz: Hindi nauubusan ng buzz itong si Dennis and these are mostly positive. Ang negative buzz lang yata which came up was the reports that there’s a cell phone video daw where Dennis is seen masturbating.

This supposed Dennis Trillo masturbation scandal eventually died and didn’t really affect his overall positive image. Kung meron mang effect ang scandal, it made Dennis a much more interesting celebrity.

Rock or suck: He rocks. We give him a rockage rating of 8 out 10 (ten being the highest). Keep on rocking baby.

Hot or not: Hot. He’s one hot papa. We hope he continues to be hot for a very long time.

Star Power Rating: So how shall we rate Dennis Trillo? He is definitely a bigger star compared to Bugs Daigo (E-List), Chynna Ortaleza (D-List), and Ruffa Gutierrez (C-List). On the other hand, hindi naman niya ka-level sina Kris Aquino and Regine Velasquez na sinabi nating mga A-Listers.

This means that Dennis Trillo is in the B-List. So magkalevel sila ni Sam Milby. Admittedly, medyo mas popular si Sam kesa kay Dennis ngayon but as we stated above, there is so question at this point that Dennis is the better actor. Like Sam, Dennis has a very good chance of making it to the A-List some day if he continues to do good projects.

What about you? What do you think? Do you think he deserves a higher ranking? Or a lower one?